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    Heh, well, I was hoping that the 15k Gladiator armor would provide a bit more visual protection, and it turns out it has even less, heh. Sure, it IS a game, so I suppose it doesn't have to make sense, but still, it kind of bugs me that it provides 80 armor protection yet there's nothing really protecting you visually. I mean, you could say the same about the monk armor that is just a bunch of tattoos, but you could at least you could give SOME logic to that, like it could be some kind of holy, or spiritual protection, but the Gladiator's armor just seems silly to me. Oh well, at least the boots look good.

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    Is there a Gladiator helm? If so, can someone post a screenie for it?

    I was debating whether to make a Elementalist primary or a Warrior primary. 15k Gladiator settles the decision! d-:

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    my 15k armors

    My 15k Armors:
    15k Gladiator (Female) and 15k Platemail (Female)

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    WOWWWWWWW the female gladiator armor is freakign sexy!!!! the male chest peice is so fruity tho. the arm peices are real nice.. i was wondering..

    does anyone know whether or not they will update the ascalon armor? or whats the next armor they updating?

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    The 15k ascalon has been updated (check the pics in this tread) i look diffrent in a way just more spike's on the arm guards and shin guards and a few minor texture changes

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    Yay new 15k glad armor..well not 'new' but i was waiting a while....

    Theres also the 15k druids armor here... :happy65:
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    15k Gladiator Body / Legs - dyed Silver

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    Ive heard of other armors in this game, and would love to see them, but popular opinion seems to block them out of sight. Why? Some people have different tastes, and for a sticky thread, you'd think that all the armors would appear - at least for posterity.

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    The new male Gladiator is ok. Not bad. However, once again the female version outshines the male version. Makes me wish my character was a female warrior instead.

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    Here's full Gladiator set on the male, didn't take a picture of back since I have a cape on.

    15k Male Gladiator Set dyed silver

    Edit: by the way, I think the armor does make sense sort of, it's much lighter which I think justifies the increased energy pool. And it also provides protection in key areas. Notice the off-hand arm (left) is less protected. That's because a shield would be used in that hand. Whereas the right is more protected with the metal guards covering the entire arm/shoulder. The large metal piece stick up is to prevent a deadly blow to the neck/head from the right side. I'm assuming the shield would be used to prevent the same type of attack from the left. The armor also has the shin guards. This does leave the torso open to an attack, but again I'm assuming the use of a shield would prevent attacks to this area.

    P1atinumGQ, lol let me guess--you are a male?

    Alchemyst, what are you talking about? This is a thread for all the 15k Warrior armors. Go to the other profession sections to see the 15k armor for those professions. The common armors are not on display because this is a thread for the luxury stuff.
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