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    My Warrior

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    aside from the helm, I want that set ^^

    Ill prolly use helm from 15k plate

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    so, this is my warrior ^^

    15k platemail, all in black

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    Good Lord. That is some expensive stuff. around 95k for the platemail with materials, 49k for black dye, 5k for the shield (5 bleached shells, 1k per, unless it ISNT the 45/-2 ench or stance shield) and dont know HOW much for the fellblade. damn, you sure have some money to spend.. whats your secret? ;)


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    Does anyone have or can make a picture of Ascalon gloves, Ascalon boots, Plate chest, Plate legging and a FoW helm?

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    sorry for the 2nd post, but i cant edit my reply
    another link:

    i'm not a rich guy in GW, just farmed a lot of griffs, and they dropped some black dyes :)

    the fellblade is req 8 max dmg golden, and 15%^50%, and i'm saving for mods

    and yes, it is a +45/-2 shield

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    A bit of Photoshop work on it, not much.

    3/5 15k.. Close enough. I'm saving the rest of my money for the new Green Shadowblade! Hm... where's that drooling emoticon?


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    GWOnline.Net Member zeroxy's Avatar

    Well heres mine:

    It's a set i made which i think looked cool! I got the idea from here on the forums forgot who was wearing something similair...

    Helmet off ( its a crappy excecutioner one)

    Gladiator Hauberk dyed black

    Knights Gloves dyed black

    Dragon Legs dyed silver

    Dragon boots dyed silver

    Crimson carpace shield dyed silver + dye remover(think ill dye it silver+black later)

    And an ids which just looks pimp i usually use a spiked axe though

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    My pvp character:

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    15k glads + 15k ascalon helm

    Done by me :D

    Devona Warsong

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