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    Bjorn of Ahhhhg

    I wonder...

    Hey, I would love to see 15k knights armor or maybe a 15k ring. You know, just for us collectors.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Tiela's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Ubermancer
    Your not getting off so easy. FOW chest is a whopping 45 Ectos, not 25. Thats roughly a third of a million gold more :)

    There is my armor mix... Im at possibly dying some of the pieces... however I have no idea what color to do so.

    If I use dye remover on my FOW / Dragon, will I get my current color scheme back even if I have dyed it? What if I just use the dye remover without dying it?

    If anyone would be kind enough to meet me ingame and help me decide on some aesthetics [I have a horrible eye for such things] I would appreciate it. IGN: Vuurechk the Ogre

    I really find this combo amazing, I was asking myself how does this looks on a female warrior, does anyone tried this ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bjorn of Ahhhhg
    Hey, I would love to see 15k knights armor or maybe a 15k ring. You know, just for us collectors.
    They don't exist.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Quote Originally Posted by HappyPants
    They don't exist.

    what would have been 15k knights does exist it just cant be obtained lol if you dont know what im talking about check out barridin or the guys in the nameless isle it looks nice.

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    tears of flames
    why doesn't any1 got full 15 k platemail with a dragon helmet i REALLY wanna c 1 :D

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Nobody wears a 15k dragon helm because it looks like ***. :)

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    I rather like this so far:

    15k Ascalon black for my warrior so far, next move will likely be a FoW helm and FoW armor for my monk, to reward him for the work he's done in creating my awe-inspiring armory

    Incidentally, does black dye color the middle part of the FoW helm? If it does that would be too cool.

    I can see this design been done before but this was my ultimate goal graphics-wise in GW, and no supposed deficiency in its functionality could ever tear me away from watching those spikes on the arm move as I run. Mmm.

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    GWOnline.Net Member glossu's Avatar

    got my 2nd set a few weeks ago, here's the pic...

    still reppin the guild, DRUNKEN WARRIORS [DW].
    DO IT.
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    GWOnline.Net Member Aceva's Avatar


    My 15k Gladiator's dyed silver with Ascalon helm
    Last edited by Aceva; 21-02-2006 at 22:11.

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    ok i know i know, i look like EVERY SINGLE OTHER female warrior out there... still.. mines special :D

    dye: orange + dye remover.. sick combo.. its a pale kinda orange, works beautifully with 15k


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