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    FoW armor, dyed red. I love it! (Hence the multiple pics)

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    Sweet, that armor looks awesome.

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    excellent quality of the screens Gandhi ;)
    and nice armor

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    ~ Petite Prune ~ & ~ Kane Harn ~
    (gladiator armor 15K) & (plate armor 15K)

    ~ Kane Harn ~(gladiator 15K & Ascalon 15K)

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    Just thought I'd show off one of my 15k sets :)

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    Somehow i see nothing good in those.

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    Interesting request, Dunno if its been done yet, but can someone post Fissure Helm, BP, and gaunts, with 15k platemail legs and boots? The fissure legs sorta give a warrior thunder thighs

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    Couple of pics...

    Pink Fissure (old) with matching sword and board:

    Dark Purple Fissure (current) with matching sword and board:

    Bone Gladiator:
    | Malkieth Darkfrost - lvl 20 Necromancer\Elementalist (ascended) |
    | Kyleane Coldlight - lvl 20 Warrior\Ranger (ascended) |
    | Alycia Moonbreaker - lvl 8 Elementalist\Ranger |
    (Owned all 13 sets of Warrior armour at once. See the full collection here)

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    if someone could post black dyed male knights boot, it'll be great, thanks

    havn't seen one here yet

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    15k Ascalon dyed black

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