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    Quote Originally Posted by Inferno Wildfire

    I am a die hard ele player but I started messing around with warriors. Here's an old armor combo with a new weapon. I didn't finish modding my Fellblade yet.
    hey, is that 15k kurzick dyed black???im sorry if you get this question a lot...

    thank you in advance

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    I think it's dyed silver..

    Kurzick is SO overrated

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    Quote Originally Posted by dk_templar
    hey, is that 15k kurzick dyed black???im sorry if you get this question a lot...

    thank you in advance
    Funny part is people do ask that all the time.

    Xeronage is correct. It's 15k Kurzick dyed all silver. People have posted 15k Kurzick dyed black on this thread if you just look back a few post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wingzro
    what dye combo is that? looks good
    Tried to go for white, yellow+2-3 silver. Tried it on chest,legs,and arms, boots are just silver.

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    anyone done a silver + black on kurzick?

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    Here's a couple of piccies of my warrior, i hope you like them 15k luxon dyed green.....

    Showing off my weaponary to my good friend and guildie fin~

    Relaxing with fellow DVDF members,shan,sith,hum and aikawa

    thank you for viewing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Roberts
    iroex valr, your armor looks wonderful goes great with your weapon and sheild! ^^;

    What i want for my warrior in 15k luxon is a kappa sheild thats bigger than normal, because the one i have is sOOoo tiny it looks stupid :/ if i could get a really big one it would look great
    Thx v.much ^^

    Yeah I was dissapointed with Kappa Sheilds,, they would look great about twice the size.

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    15k Canthan 15k gladiators and 1.5k kurzick

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