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    Female eles wear newest Chanel collection !

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    Ahoy there, I'm thinking of getting some Common-Art armor from GW:EN for my ele. Any suggestions on what would go with this? I was thinking maybe the Tinted Glasses, or even the Mo-Zing mask. Maybe some Gloves would be nice, but they are incredibly tough to get.

    Either way here is my male Ele in 15k Geomancer / Elite Stoneforged. Evil Wizard style of course Cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by glorentson View Post
    You wouldnt happen to have any of the Common armors would you? Im kinda looking for a woad, and or a blindfold with that set up you have. i really like it. Although maybe in a dif color. Anyways, If you could/can Post a picture of that with either a woad and or a blindfold. if not then thanks anyways
    nope... sorry i don't have any of those yet glorentson... I'm not sure I would want a blindfold on my ele but the woad sounds interesting... cheers

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    OK people-its time for me to put some pictures of my ele-I had many sets but this one I rely, rely like-> original idea/ you wont see anyone looking like that..if you do that thats me..

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lais Irideika's Avatar

    And I thought I could never love an armor set as much as 15k canthan on Lais... How wrong I was!

    Here she is. Chest piece dyed black + silver. All other parts dyed white.
    I love it!

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    Being, absolutely stunning.

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    Ele Armor Design

    These are my combos.


    Created by Sophi Freeman aka Sophitia Of Magic

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    Ele Armor Design

    These are my combos


    Designed by Sophi Freeman aka Sophitia Of Magic

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    GWOnline.Net Member Cirian's Avatar


    Factions has the best

    My #1 favourite is firmly 15k Luxon. It's just gorgeous... so much fine detail!

    I'm currently just wearing the 1k version which likewise, I think is stunning.

    This is Parsoon, she's PvP-only and thus to look good also the chief spender of my tourney reward points

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