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    new 15k aeromancer armour dyed black

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    Here is 15k Aeromancer dyed silver:


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    A guildmate has noticed a change in the Geomancer armor, theres no longer a big patch of the arm piece missing on the male version.

    And my Female aeromancer armor has been updated. This is it dyed silver.

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    Holy!!! i loooooooove that armour (Female Hydromancer - Red-Purple - Credit: Mineekiko) wow i want some so bad!!! if any one has wow i wud be so interested in buying it off you

    The Slayer

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    I figure I should throw my Aeromancer pictures in.

    15k Aeromancer - Default color

    15k Aeromancer - Dyed red

    Notice that it is really just a reskin of the Elementalist Collector's armor, though I cannot complain because the Elementalist Collector's armor is some of the best in the game.

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    New Aeromancer outfit undeyed

    New Aeromancer dyed Black

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    yea...*snickers* i am buyin THAT aromancer armor... NOW

    the fem looks sick... espessally in red

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    Me on the right, I think the one on the left in pyro is ward against newbs, the person I had highlighted.

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    Here I am (Amanda Lee) in my new 15K Aeromancer armor, dyed red

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