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    My 15K aeromancer chestpiece was salvaged to retrieve superior vigor a few weeks ago, so recently I've been wearing a 1,5K battlemage chestpiece. Yesterday, however, I got the 15K tempest canthan robes, and bought the legs as well to suit the theme. I love this new armor!
    Hydromancer's aura, 15K canthan chestpiece undyed, 15K canthan legs undyed, 15K aeromancer gloves dyed black, 15K aeromancer boots dyed black.

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    Awsome, but does anyone have 15k Canthen, Imperial and Kurzick Tempest pics around here??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benovolent Zephyr
    I think the majority of the female elementalist population is in love with the Luxon 15k now ^.~
    I'll take my ele FoW anyday Bodysuit > miniskirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guildoholic
    Awsome, but does anyone have 15k Canthen, Imperial and Kurzick Tempest pics around here??
    Core Profs dont get Imperial armor

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    I'm in love with the Luxon armour, especially the top! It's realllyyyyyy ammaaazing.

    I don't like it enough over the 1.5k armour to spend that much extra money on it, but it still looks really good. The artists of GW have done a fine job ^_^

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    Hmmm .. I'm a bit disappointed in the 15k Canthan set.

    It's much too shiny and you can't get light colours, my set dyed orange looks like Mursaat Red

    Well perhaps chapter 3 will offer a VERY nice ele set, there's still none that I would value an 8/10 or higher (opposed to the mesmer sets) ...

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    alucard vlad

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    Cathedral Squares
    My factions armours; all dyed red. I like Canthan the best, Luxon from the back is cool too, from the front its like... WHOA! flesh overkill! or something. Kurzick from the front is cool, but form the back its not so great. :)

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