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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Of Tyria
    Can i see female 15k aeromancer chest and 15k luxon legs?

    Here's your request. ;D

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    Orange + yellow will be the same color as the male ele FoW in this post (reply #88 to this thread), as both the female and male versions dye the same way:

    Red + orange is in reply #105:

    Red + Orange + Yellow would be somewhere in between.
    ohh didnt notice those.. but thanks for showing :)

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    GWOnline.Net Member Nisilfix's Avatar

    Here my Strawberry in her 3 (for now :p ) outfits

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    GWOnline.Net Member Deja Vu's Avatar

    Ok there is not enough of 15k kurz armor here ^^ just got most of it yesterday, would get luxon armor too but i think that it shows so much skin...and i have tyrian aeromanser's armor.
    here is the pic, the only thing is that i didn't get my gloves yet...have to farm a bit more, then'll post again. But i just had to take this picture because i met another male ele who had the same full armor and he dyed it silver too! It looks amazing! so here it is:

    the image quality is bad, srry
    Updated: got my gloves ...have to say again...this is my favorite armor in the game ^^
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    GWOnline.Net Member Aiiane's Avatar

    Silver does indeed look very nice on 15k Kurzick. If I get it, I'll probably end up dying it purple+silver, or purple+silver+silver. Shiny.

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    Finally got 15K armor for my male Ele. It first I did not think I would like it but after getting it and dyeing it I have grown to like it. Anyways here is my Male Ele in 15K Canthan

    The top I believe I used a dye mix of Blue+Red+Yellow+Orange
    The bottom is Red+Purple+Red+Orange

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    Awaiting user confirming email address forgive and forget's Avatar

    lol i just noticed that if u put 15k aero and 15k kurz back to back they have those strip things on the back (well ull see if u do it) id post it but dont got an ele

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    GWOnline.Net Member Nisilfix's Avatar

    Got a new dress for my Strawberry

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    REquest for a pic: Male 15k Kurzick Ele model from the back?

    I've never seen it but does it really look like an insect and is the gray pary dyeable or not?

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    Ok. this here is my little scarlet..

    dye mix is red+green

    saving up for Fisure armor now so.. could just get this one out by now

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