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    Wastrel's Worry, Mantra of Recall, et al. Question

    Since it was pointed out to me that I can't use Obsidian Flame without the major drawback of exhaustion, I'm looking for another damage-dealer to spike the poor backfired monk to death. My question is, can Wastrel's Worry be removed by a Shatter Delusions but still deal damage? If so, does the same rule apply to Mantra of Recall and other such enchantments/hexes that do an effect when they end?

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    If you remove Wastrels using shatter delusions only the shatter delusions damage will trigger.

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    And removing Mantra of Recall early gives the energy early. I use it as a buffer Enchantment when I expect to be Shattered. I'll start chain casting then get shattered and get all my energy back =)

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    Yup, it's a good shatter shield. Another good shatter shield is Illusion of Weakness. While you might laugh at the idea of running into a battle at less than full health, remember that it IS suppose to be an illusion of a weakened state. "Oh, I'm an injured mesmer, woe is me" and all that. But someone shatters the apparent enchantment on you, or tries to hack you down, and suddenly you get your health back. It just has the benefit of stacking with completely restored health, giving you an approximate 200 extra health (barring shattering).

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    If someone hexed by Wastrel's uses a skill, do they take damage and end the hex? I'm unclear about it's actual effect.

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    Wastrels worry will only damage if it ends through natural process, by that i mean the 3 seconds it needs to stay there. If you use shatter delusions on wastrels worry, they will take shatter damage but not wastrels damage.

    This is different with skills such as mantra of recall and illusion of weakness however. If it ends in any way, it will trigger the effect.

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    Wastrel's Worry is worse than I thought then. Though making it work like the Mantra and Illusion of Weakness would be way too good with Shatter Delusions, it could at least guarantee the 45 or so damage rather than make it easily avoidable. Or it stay like a reverse Backfire, but threaten with enough damage to make it actually effective.

    Does Illusion of Weakness last forever? Because then couldn't you just wait to heal after you cast it before you fight? The description doesn't really specify a time limit.

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    So someone only needs to use a skill to turn it off and not take damage? It must never do damage then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masurka
    Does Illusion of Weakness last forever? Because then couldn't you just wait to heal after you cast it before you fight? The description doesn't really specify a time limit.
    Wastrel's is effective if it happens to have a lot of Att. points and you use it in specific builds. It serves a purpose in pressure tactics.

    As for Illusion of Weakness, I've said it elsewhere.... you can turn it on when going into Underworld, take on all the quests and fight down there for eight hours straight. If you don't dip below 25% health or get stripped of the enchant, Illusion of Weakness will stay on you for all eight hours. Only DoT's keep it from triggering, and any other damage or enchant strip kicks in the health bonus instantly (up to 240 at level 16).

    It's one of my favorite non-Monk heals in the game, as my MeNe walks around sometimes with virtually 735 health points.

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    Yup, Illusion of Weakness lasts as long as it's not disenchanted, you don't leave the map you cast it on, you don't die, and you don't get brought below 25% health.

    Wastrel's Worry only gets canceled when the hexed target casts a spell. For most attack classes (rangers and warriors) that's a problem, because either they have no spells to cast, or they can't keep casting spells to prevent damage. You can use Wastrel's Worry in combination with Backfire to perhaps force the person into a bad move (they might forget they have Backfire on and cast a spell for instance), or you could use Diversion and Worry to snag a spell.

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