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    Signet of Knowledge - New Skill Idea

    Forgive me if this idea has been posted before...

    How many times have you been in the middle of a battle (mission or PvP) and said, "I really wish I had *** skil" (where *** is any skill of your choice). Well, here is an idea for a skill that could do just that (I have tried to keep it as realistic as possible).

    Signet of Knowledge. Cast Time 5 seconds. Signet of Knowledge is *permanently* replaced with known non-elite skill of primary profession. (*permanently* could mean the end of a mission, enter new explorable area, only in outpost, end of PvP match or some VERY long time). It could also be an elite skill and then could substitue for any skill, but that would be a little restrictive since you can only have one elite skill on your bar at a time.

    This would allow a little bit of flexibility during battles and would be a circumstantial skill. Don't know how it would affect over-all balance, but it does cost you a slot and five seconds even if you used it for a standard skill.



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    I don't think I quite understand how this would work. It seems to me that like Signet of Capture, once you use it, it's "gone".


    Do you just mean that, let's say you're in town and thinking "Huh. I don't know what to put in this spot." Signet of Knowledge would allow you to not make that decision until absolutely necessary? So mid-quest-mission-whatever, you could decide.

    Huh. If I'm understanding this correctly, that would be awesome.

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    Yes, it would be situational. You can't decide if you want inspirational hex or inspirational enchantment (mesmer skills). When you get into the mission, you are getting hexed, so you switch your Signet of Knowledge to Inspirational Hex.

    I have had the case many times where I can't decide between two situational skills. Both would be appropriate under certain circumstances and usually just pick something else entirely (I hate confrontation :happy05: ).


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    I don't like it. Maybe if it were an elite, and you could only choose from the skills you had equipped at the moment.

    Oh wait, that's Echo. ;)

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    Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the skill bars?

    You're supposed to go into the fight with no idea how the other team is going to play, only your best estimate, and you're supposed to respond by building the most complete team you can in terms of skills.

    So if you think the other team is going to hex, bring a hex breaker, and if you didn't, well the other team obviously prepared better than yours did.

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    Maybe if it added 5 or 10 energy to the original cost of the skill. Or maybe a precentage increase in its cost. That would make the more powerful skills (25 energy cost) less likely to be chosen. heh could you image a 50 energy cost meteor sworm?.

    I like the idea I just don't know how it would effect balance, if it would at all.

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