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    divine boon is 10 second recharge are u serouce?

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    I used my Monk-Ele 55 with fire skills and just cooked him in about 30 sec. Easy as pie. He can't 55 BC he doesn't have the GEAR.

    I THINK you can get all the necessary skills by the time you get to Augury, but someone plz clarify if I'm wrong. It's been a while.

    Just run in close so he uses the axe and you will have plenty of energy as a result of Essence + balth. A +3 or +4 mending should be all you need, so skip breeze and bring more damage so that he can't use it.

    And if you pre-apply the enchantments before entering the fight, you get several free hits on him before he starts to counter attack.
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    i was a mo/w back in the day for some stupid reason that i can't remember, so i brought 1 skill, frenzy, then i run in a kick his *** when he is in frenzy by beating him over the head with the bludgeonor, which i paid 15k for just to beat him (back in 2005)

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    GWOnline.Net Member Mizgog's Avatar

    You could also throw in Pacifism to stop him attacking altogether.

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    GWOnline.Net Member glorentson's Avatar

    Yes but he would use that also, would he not?
    And as soon as he takes damage, that ends

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    still works , just did it few days ago : divine boon,healing breeze ( those 2 always up ) ,bane signet and banish and nothing else .

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    Kept up Retribution, Healing Breeze and hit her Bane Signet and Banish. She was a goner in about 5 seconds!

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    There is a incredibly simple solution, Heroes/npcs cannot cast ZB on themselves, bring some smites & ZB, you have a decent self heal and he has none :D works in hard mode too, or at least did a week ago or so


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    Easiest way is as a Mo/W

    with low health, preferably below 150

    Equip protective spirit (and frenzy if you have it unlocked, if not no biggie)
    have high divine favor, and a wand you meet the requirement of (ofc max damage is preferred)

    Use prot spirit on yourself, and wand away.

    You should get bonus kill time.

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    Awaiting user confirming email address forgive and forget's Avatar

    Don't know about any of you, but i just used Healing Breeze on myself and wanded him to death, of course, I don't know if he is smart enough to use Healing breeze now and i got masters to boot

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