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    I killed my mirror real using using SoW, Balz Aura, Balz spirit, mending, ZF, and then spamming osirus real fast. Took 12 seconds.

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    I switched to smite for a minute and beat my mirror in close to 10 seconds, AoE smite skills and a few energy regen taking "useless" enchamnents. Even stranger, my W/R was able to do it faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyoungblood
    Hope this helps someone ascend.
    Just used this method today with my monk after reading this post a night or two ago, and it worked great. Thanks alot! :happy34:
    It asks in proper syntax or it doesn't get the heal again.

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    Can't kill Dopple

    I'm Mo/Me. Have mostly healing spells. Not sure how I got the Me class. I would rather just drop Me if I could. I'm trying to focus on healing. Doppel kills me everytime... he's doing 60+ dmg on each hit (more with axe if he gets up close).

    Any suggestions? My crappy little wand does like -5 dmg to him each hit. He has regen even when I don't have regen spells loaded up :/

    Should I get sword and shield or axe? I have drok armor, not sure why he's hitting me for so much dmg.

    The only attack spells I got is Bane, Banish and couple other junky smiting stuff. I'm trying to be healer. :/

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    GWOnline.Net Member Uda Duno's Avatar

    dont have build on me ( I am at work currently) but if you see me in game I can give you one that got me through and even helped a friend ascend on his first try. It is a smite build but it works. BTW I am a healing monk also with some interupts.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Uda Duno's Avatar

    Oh just noticed you said you dont have many skills. May I ask what level you are? My build may not work if you dont have the skills to use.

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    Bane signet, smite, banish, balthazars aura, symbol of wrath, smite hex, <any fast recharge hex thats not terribly bad>, distortion

    Thats the general build i did. Was a while ago though.

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    I had a Mo/Me as well and I killed the Doppelganger under 50 seconds.
    Just use Mesmer skills like Backfire and Energy Burn.
    I don't know exactly what skill I used more, but Bane Signet was one of them.

    You just need a high Domination Magic

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    I don't have any Me skills. I want to be a healer. I have like Remove Hex from Me and that's about it.

    I have Bane Signet and Banish, but not those other spells. I'm a Healer monk. I have healing spells.


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    GWOnline.Net Member hartshill's Avatar

    Then you will need to buy some of the suggested skills to beat him.

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