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    + SoW
    + Smite
    + Banish
    + Retribution

    Those four for me. Chuck up SoW and Retribution just as you enter then spam both smites. I survuved on a sliver of health but I survived :)

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    Same here, after loosing miserably 6 or 7 times in a row with other builds (including one Mo/A build using only dagger skills). Of course the 30AR gear I was still wearing might have been an additional handicap but since all I wanted was to get my monk to droknars in order to buy some armor I didn't want to waste any money on a "disposable" set.

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    i ascended using my monk i made for 55'ing the UW. i already had the armour and most of the skills. since he doesnt have the runes the doppleganger cant use the skills at all. with enough in smite u can kill him before prot spirit runs out :p

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    Cool tactics.

    Dont know if these ideas have been mentioned, but...assuming you have no elites like SoJ here...

    Some other skill combos / tactics that may help:

    HIGH Divine favor and re-casting of static enchants to heal yourself. Dopple is smart enough to use healing skills. So...dont bring any. Bring a cheap, fast enchant and just re-re-re-re-cast it on yourself for Divine Favor healing.

    Scourge Healing + Heal Area. Add retribution and the above tactic and run in close but do not attack. Put VERY FEW points in healing so that scourge healing does a lot more damage than heal area heals. Re-re-re-enchant to heal yourself until retribution hurts Dopple enough so that it heals itself once. You're close enough to benefit a little from Dopple's heal area, and dopple hurts himself MORE with each attempt to heal. He'll heal himself to death. And in a pinch you can re-re-re-enchant to heal yourself without triggering Scourge.
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    I ascended with Monk not long ago, i used almost this build, except i kept spamming Pacifism on him.

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    Actually it's much easier than you expect.

    Domination : 12
    Illusion : 12

    You only need two skills : Empathy and Clumsiness.
    First cast empathy on your clone. After 10 seconds (watch the recharge on Empathy) cast Clumsiness. Repeat.
    In between the casting times of Empathy and Clumsiness, DON'T attack the clone. And don't run around, just stand still and watch him drain himself.
    If anyone already posted this, then I apologize. I didn't look at the previous posts to see whether this was posted or not.
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    You can also hide behind the pillar on the far right so that you won't take any damage at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Kazama Fury~ View Post
    It's like you read my post and formulated a question that my post has the answer for. O_o

    Funky Monkey summed it up quite well.

    Yes, if you are secondary Necro, definitely equip sacrifice spells such as
    - Blood of the master: No minions
    - Defile Flesh: You won't be healing
    - Enfeebling blood: Suffer from weakness? Big deal.
    - Price of Failure: Not a sac spell, but nice to have.
    Just wanted to elaborate which ones in specific for anyone else who would be curious.
    Don't forget Verata's.

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    i usually with most char change secondry to ranger, level a pet up, if havent allready done so..then bring bunch of spirits and pet skills ..max out BM
    mirror usually dead in about 30sec

    mirrior spends most of time making spirits, well your pet pounds away at him then he is dead..

    mirror has no pet so no skills to attack you with..

    just my way..may not be the best, but for me it never fails..

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    Killing your doppel in hard mode for mission + bonus award.

    12+1+1 smite, 12 domination.

    - Emphaty, cast on doppel
    - Holy Wrath, cast on yourself
    - Retribution, cast on yourself

    just let the doppel do the rest.

    Healing Breeze is useless, it will use that skill even when not having a degen skill on him/herself.

    not sure if you need high health, i had 609 health when entering.

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