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    Actually, I *think* that they updated the doppelganger's AI a while back, and whereas he used to only use Healing breeze while under degen he will now use it as a general healing skill.
    Doesn't matter a whole lot, though. A pure smiting build can easily beat him. Just bring a few skills that damage him more than you (smite, spear of light etc)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ectos N Shards View Post
    Easiest way is as a Mo/W

    with low health, preferably below 150

    Equip protective spirit (and frenzy if you have it unlocked, if not no biggie)
    have high divine favor, and a wand you meet the requirement of (ofc max damage is preferred)

    Use prot spirit on yourself, and wand away.

    You should get bonus kill time.
    For Tryian only Monk of coarse they will have unlocked as they get in presearing.It is only after you beat it you can change your prof. so no need to unlock that is the great thing about being Mo/W.

    It doesn't use healing breeze only in hard mode.

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    What I did, just add a bunch of random Upkeep Enchantments, along with [[Reversal of Fortune], [[Retribution], and [[Symbol of Wrath]. Probably not as effective as some other ways people have mentioned, but I did accomplish the bonus like this XD .

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    Just got Masters on my Dopple mission last night.

    [Reversal of Damage][Retribution][Healing Breeze][Castigation Signet]
    Cast Retribution and run up to melee range.
    Kept up Retribution & HB, kept RoD on myself and used C Sig as needed for energy.

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    You really only need two skills.

    Signet of Midnight + Empathy. Mo/Me works well. Go up in melee range and it's win for you. SoM can keep the dopple constantly blinded, and you're not going to be attacking anyways.

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    Problem would be where to get Signet of Midnight when you are not ascended yet. Still one of the easyest ways since 2005 is mo/e with Meteor Shower and Fire Storm @ fire 12. Dopple does kite more nowadays so I took Lava Font aswell, ascended a week ago without problems. All of these skills are easy accesable for prophecies born characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexia of Durham View Post
    still works , just did it few days ago : divine boon,healing breeze ( those 2 always up ) ,bane signet and banish and nothing else .
    This on still works, got it in about twenty five seconds. Thanks!

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