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    GW mobs BREEDING?!!?!?

    Ok so I am running around outside of Augury, and I stumble across this Hydra, now he isn't doing any normal hydra stuff. Take a look, its small sized and of poor quality but you'll get what I am saying.

    Humpin Humpin Hydra

    Perhaps there is one of those cute little bunnies from pre-searing in that bush, or a Moabird.

    But in all likelyhood, its a White Mantle in that bush, getting what they deserve.

    Note: it wasn't edited in anyway, just converted, and its the shortest one I had of this....natural event.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Mkillerh's Avatar

    Your movie is broken... errr, not working..

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    Im not having any issues, just takes a min to load.

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    GWOnline.Net Member GADefence's Avatar

    Me and my friend saw a natural migration. 20 of the mesmer octupuses in the dessert (near Seeker's Passage) and 3 hydras were crossing the map, all at once. It was phenomanol.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Mkillerh's Avatar

    Yeh, its not working for me. I dont think i have MPEG as a format for files. Could any of you give a link for a download?

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    Just get real player or windows media player.

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    I dont think its working I have both WMP and RP and its not working and dont say its connection cause im cruising on DSL.

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    I have both of those and it wants to play as a Quicktime movie.

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    Im Deleting This Thread I Hate Picafile

    oh wait I cant.

    Ill host it on my pals server later sorry for the waste of a thread

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    Worked for me. Thought it was funny.

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