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    Possible E/? Farming Build (with skill layout) - Is it viable?

    Earth/Fire Elementalist... with some secondary profession - I don't know which one would be good...

    Earth spells:
    Obsidian Flesh (casted first - prevent any enemy spells)
    Ward against melee (50% chance evade melee)
    Magnetic aura (75% chance block melee)

    Fire spells:
    Inferno (15-99 damage around you)
    Phoenix (22-166 damage around you)
    Rodgort's Invocation (7-91 damage and burn for 1-3 seconds)
    Meteor Shower (7-91 damage per wave, with knockdown)

    That leaves one skill open for maybe a secondary profession to help out? Maybe arcane echo with a mesmer? You'd run into the middle of a crowd, cast those 3 earth spells with maybe a few groups of melee'ers whacking at you, then you just spam those 4 fire spells and everything dies. Would it work? If not, why not - and what can I do to improve this build?

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    Get Flameburst, makes for more damage than Meteor Storm.

    I do not know where your build would work. As you need to do lots of burst damage, think of Lava Font and Firestorm, as Rodgorts and Meteor Storm are just too expensive and have very long cast times.

    I found 16 Air / 10 Healing for farming Ettins outside of Beetletun (Chain Lightning, spam all other lightning spells -> 1,2 dead Ettins, take your time for the last one) quite good.

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