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    How does rank work?

    I'm getting lots of fame I was just wondering if anyone knew how you get rank?

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    When you gain a certain number of fame points, you gain ranks. If I remember correctly, the first three are at 25, 75, and 175 (someone correct me if I'm wrong, it's been a long time).

    When you achieve rank 3 and beyond, you gain the ability to use the /rank command to display an avatar based upon your rank. Rank 3-5 players display a hart, rank 6-8 players display a wolf and rank 9+ players display something else - looked like a tiger or bear the one time I saw it, but it was at a bad angle.

    Elitists in the Tombs typically require individuals to have a certain rank in order to join their groups, which subsequently get pwnd by guild groups most of the time anyway. Other than this, there is no practical use for fame or rank outside of braggin' rights and screenshots.

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    I believe rank 2 was like 100 or something and rank 3 was 180 I think? Unsure of the exact numbers because once you start winning a lot of tomb matches in a row you start getting like 12, 16, etc points per win.

    And all I can say is that at rank 3 seems to be a deer.

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    Rank 1: 25
    Rank 2: 75
    Rank 3: 180
    Rank 4: 360
    Rank 5: 600
    Rank 6: 1000

    Don't know the rest.

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    Rank 7 - 1700
    Rank 8 - 2800
    Rank 9 - 4699 at most, possibly as low as 4695, hard to tell since all the people with rank 9 hit it at different amounts.

    The rank 9 emote is a tiger.

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    4,665 to be exact. Salmon it it on the nose I think by gaining 1 fame for rank 9.

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    Just wondering...is rank 9 the dragon by any chance?

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    The rank 9 emote is a tiger.
    I'm assuming he's right. Doubt I'll be rank 9 before next year :)

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    Is there someone who can add the rank + the emotes u get with...
    It would be nice to know coz Ive already seen a tiger and a lezard but I dunno which rank it is, same for the dragon :x

    Thx in advance.. soz for my english hope u understand me ;x

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    anyone can help me ?

    would be nice... or if u know a website with the pictures etc... ty :)

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