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    Can I Join This Guild

    :howdy: hi can i join this guild. I will leave info about myself.

    My GW name = Skele-Mancer
    My Age= 11
    My Profession =Minion Master Necromancer/Self-Healing Monk
    My Level = 19
    My Currently Skills:
    1- Signet of Capture
    2- Deathly Swarm
    3- animate bone horrors
    4- Death Nova
    5- Mending
    6- Healing Breeze
    7- Rebirth
    8- ?

    (not in order)

    My game place: Part 5: Auroua Glade

    My GW PVP name: Jdm Trueno
    My Profession = Warrior/Monk
    My Level = 20
    My Currently Skills:
    1- Sever Atrey
    2- Gash
    3- Galrath Slash
    4- Final Thrust
    5- Sprint
    6- Healing Breeze
    7- Mending
    8- Rebirth

    My GW GVG(Guild Vs Guild) name: Jdm Eight Six

    Info same as my Pvp
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    Welcome! Unfortunately, applications are closed for now. The only way to get in is to be sponsored by an officer. If you play with us and be active on this forum, you can ask an officer to sponsor you for two weeks. You're on the guild list for those two weeks, and at the end of that period, you get voted on by all current members, whether you can stay or not.

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