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    Skill Locations via Quest Givers

    Hi All,

    I haven't seen this listed anywhere in a complete format (with Quest Givers), so I figured I'd add this for everyones use. Unfortunately, from my end, Elems and Rangers are out of luck, since I completed everything with my E/R before keeping track of such things. I used the GWonline tables for the ease of addition (go GWOnline).

    Hope these help!

    MONK Skill Locations

    MESMER Skill Locations

    NECROMANCER Skill Locations

    WARRIOR Skill Locations

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    GWOnline.Net Member hahnsoo's Avatar

    Well, I've compiled a PvE Checklist which shows the order that you should pick up skills, including all the skills from quests. It's not a nice and neat table, but it has a similar pupose:

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