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    W/Me(Good build if used right) Getting 70 energy

    I know i should post this in warriors forum but this is meant for the community(For those interested :) ) Please don't think i'm gloating with this post, but its just to help out those other w/me's whom believe that this build is impossible and hard to use, when really it's not... I have now logged 200 hours playing as only my w/me and having a blast with it. I used to be in a team in the top 50's till it got inactive so i joined a small team which is coming soon so watchout! :) Started off with 5 members(when i joined),we now have 10 so far with the plan on keeping it small with 17 active members, these players constantly do nothing but hoh and we had a blast, we grouped up with an allied guild and won hoh 4 times. I feel it's contributed to the team a lot... A warrior than can not only attack and hurt at close range but hurt from afar. I don't like feeling like rambo and being pinned down by rangers(o god my worst fear) and anything else that usually happens to warriors trying to attack, so i will describe my build below.

    I know a lot of ya'll will critique me and all that but the only time i do go down as when im alone with the whole team on me... I've even had a case where i went 3v1, and a teammember dropped because i used glad defense, empathy, backfired the nec, killed the 2 wars and had 50 health left so he left thinking i was gonna lose. used heal sig, at this time he was casting something on me, so i was saved by the cast time, then finished him off. there are actually very great builds out there but for me w/me has contributed a lot to my team than just a regular dmg output attack attack warrior.

    As a W/Me i can help out the casters by staying back interupting, backfiring and what i love to do if there is not an interupter on their team is run in backfire, and i'll tell you how i get 70 energy =) Ok since i have pve'd a lot and got a chaos axe with very good mods on it and a max shield with - damage on that, one day i was making a custom pvp char with the same skills i have on my pve char... I saw the canes and was like... why would a tank want a cane? I looked at all of them, and saw a cane and an offhand that gives u -1 regeneration on each one BUT you get 55 energy and faster casting using domination skills and the offhand is faster regeneration using dom skills... so i used that and then i made another char and found another cane and offhand that give u a total of a grand 70 energy with gladiator's armor...

    So my trick ingame is to basically leeroy with no worry to damage and backfire then let the 1 or 2 wars charge me because i hate when people call me a "tank"...I don't know why i take offense but i figure myself more of a versatile "tank" than just a regular dumb ol strength based war that thinks... me see enemy, me kill enemy, me charge enemy... I'm tactics based and i love how others overlook tactics and w/me for the fact they want more damage output. I have few attack skills bu their strong anyway. When they see me with a cane and offhand... no shield nor axe they are like YES AN EASY KILL! A STUPID WAR WITH A CANE ROFLFLFLLF! I have the last laugh when everytime they try n hit me i block it along with 29 dmg a block then right before it wears off i empathy one in case they do hit me with + dmg so thats 60+ dmg in total if they do hit me and when i block it, i then kill the other war as he's getting hurt with glad, since he doesn't have empathy i hit him first. Either the war with empathy is stupid and thinks him and his buddy can kill me even if he has emp on him so he hacks his life away to almost nothing, finish the other guy. By this time empathy is back so even then before i kill that guy i would have switched to cane again to empathy more. I use my cane for fast cast or if i don't have the 55 energy fast cast/fast regen combo, i just switch in middle of combat for the extra energy with my 70 energy, then switch back to chaos axe and shield to fight them... They prolly get surprised when they see the sudden switch to the meelee weapon.

    All it takes is brains! It's not that hard so for people that say wars don't have enough energy... yes they do if you know what to do. This has worked very well for me as i am able to keep the backfire on the enemy even if they take it off, my fast regen allows me to put it back on them so i can be a hassle... If i want i can be a pure mesmer in my war, because other mesmers have told me... what?! u have 70 energy?! bullcrap even my mesmer doesn't have THAT Much energy! All id have to do is crank up the dom and stuff along with my armor for protection and annoy the enemy. But i want to be versatile so i don't do that. My skills combo could be WAY better but atm im using this skill combo which is changing later...

    1.) Heal Sig (saves u in instances where you're close to death, yes, u get a disadvantage using this cause you lose -40 armor, but it's about timing.I use it to keep my health at a constant high instead of waiting till last moment, but even then it saves u. It helps out the monks by being able to heal urself for 130 health or whatever + their heal)

    2.) Gladiator's defense (10 seconds, 75% chance to block incoming attacks, with 29 dmg each block to enemy.)

    3.) Swift Chop so if they block it, it gives dmg while causing deep wound.
    4.) Penetrating Blow
    5.)Execution Strike
    6.) Rez Sig

    Yes, it does not have that much dmg output(what u guys think) but even then i've had experience in hoh, comp arenas, anywhere u can have pvp and i've given enough damage to not worry about it... My pen blow, exe strike charge up very quickly since 2 wars or 1 like to focus on me at once, and i used to have to the limit for even more adrenaline but placed glad d in place of it. eventually i wanna capture eviscerate and replace a skill or 2 in place of it. i've heard u can replace exe strike with it, but i'd keep it because exe strike does a crap load of dmg anyway. Plus along with glad d and empathy on them, thats a lot of dmg + my regular swings and those attack skills, so that drains the opposer's health very quick, so they either don't back down(stupid but brave warrior) and takes the death or just runs off at the sign of empathy... I like to take out the wars 1v2 or 1v1 as quick as possible so my teammates have less of a hassle... if the wars rnot stupid and don't attack me even with my cane in hand and all(to lure them to me), then i just focus on the casters with constant backfire(mainly monks). A lot of times i tend to backfire monk, let it load quickly then kill the e's because used correctly they are very dangerous. Even if the monks keep healing the team focuses on a monk while i focus on dmg dealer then turn around and take the other monk while down. In case of 3 i just focus on monks a lot along with team concentration on one or 2 at a time in order to kill them asap. It's a good "caller" build and a very great asset to the team, imho.

    Again i use this to be versatile... give enough dmg output, while being able to heal myself so the monks don't always have to worry about that dumb war getting himself in trouble and healing him and others at the same time... If my health drops 130 health or whatnot i use heal sig, so it keeps it almost max while the opposing wars health keep dropping. I've learned you can't always rely on monks to heal you... In hoh, if u have very good monks than u rarely use heal sig at all or even never... I just use it so the monk can focus on others. Only time i do need heal is when my heal sig is slowed down by a skill, then in that case which has been rare to happen to me, because a lot of casters focus on slowing the skills of other casters instead of just a wars heal sig... This plays a good mental challenge on opposing wars because even no matter how much dmg they give out, which in my opinion is not that much so i'm able to hit them for a lot of dmg even more than them at times before having to use my heal sig, so he's like DAMN he just keeps healing! And by the time he knows it he's almost dead... If he has a monk around him, then yea he'll get healed but then the monk has to focus a lot on him, leaving him open to attack from the teamies... Don't get me wrong, though i don't focus on just wars, because i'm anti-meelee, anti cast. I also like power leak because that interupts for a LOT of energy loss on the monk or whatever caster you use it on. So i replace a skill usually and have power leak in it's place at the same time... The skills i put that you see above changes a bit every so often. It's pretty versatile for self management healing, attack, protection, and anti-meelee(especially with power leak)

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    Now, i didnt read it yet, but three things i can point out already

    1. This should be in the warrior / pvp forum.
    2. This is a long post.
    3. Im an eye bleeder.

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    Read the introduction, meant for community for those interested, i've already placed it in war forum but not a lot go there. so for those wars that don't go to war forum, this is meant for those w/me's wondering how to use it correctly or for those wars and whoever else, just are interested in the build. So if u want to read, have fun :)

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    Since i have never used any other builds like W/E's but i'm aware of how everyone's skills work. The casters and have a good knowledge of all skills, but i believe you could get a lot of energy if you picked up a cane for your warrior when creating a pvp char and using ur pve weapon... The ele, monk, necro or whatever you use canes would have + energy on them for switchoff to use for your skills.

    Good way to use your extra weapon slot(that IS what it's there for! :D )

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    The fact that you are using Gladiators Defence means that you assume people are idiots attacking a warrior first. The stance also only deals damage to warriors. So basicly you are asuming that they have a warrior that is dumb is enough to keep hitting you through GD. Any warrior with half a brain will not attack through it.

    Using a cane and foci is nice to start out with to cast the first spells and then swich to a melee weapon. I do that too with my W/Me, but the cane that has -1 degen I never use after the first 10 seconds of the fight.

    The healing signet is not really that good in PvP. Atleast not in my experience. If you have a good team you probably have 2 healers and 1 protector, and the time you spend using the signet could be better spent on something else. Besides your armor is your strength, most of the time when u need healing is when you are being targeted, and dropping 40 armor then is not good.

    I use empathy too on my W/Me when I am in the Arenas but seldomly in HoH.

    Personally I like W/Me combo because people tend to ignore warriors and I run a build with domination inspiration and swords. I use skills like Blackout and Drain enchantment to render monks useless and keep my energy up. And the swords is mainly so I deal damage to a monk while keeping him blacked out. And use ether feast for my selfhealing. That is kinda the core of my build and I then use several other skills depending on what I feel like and what the party setup is. Skills like energy drain, empathy, Wastrels Worry, Channeling, Mantra of lightning etc.

    Some people might think I should use mesmer primary but I have tried both and this seems to work out fine. I do have 2 less pipes of energy regen, but I can usually keep my energy maxed with inspiration anyways, and the extra armor + arbsorb rune helps alot.

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    Ever consider ilusionary weaponry? :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicious Veratias
    ...a cane and an offhand that gives u -1 regeneration on each one BUT you get 55 energy and faster casting using domination skills and the offhand is faster regeneration using dom skills...
    such an item exists???? :eek:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tini
    such an item exists???? :eek:
    Geez. Use Warrior's Endurance instead?

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    He means a focus item with 12 energy +15 and a -1 regen and a mesmer can with +15 energy and the same negative regen.
    Should give upto a +42 energy pool if you can find max ones.

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    yes i know the +12 energy offhands (i think thats the max).....but if u check that 3rd paragraph.....hes explaining how to get 70 energy.......using a +55 energy offhand or something....

    thats y i asked....

    Quote Originally Posted by Vicious Veratias
    ....i'll tell you how i get 70 energy =) Ok .....a cane and an offhand that gives u -1 regeneration on each one BUT you get 55 energy and faster casting using domination skills and the offhand is faster regeneration using dom skills...

    eh? did i miss a collector somewhere or something???

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