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Thread: Greetings All

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    Greetings All

    I just posted a couple times but wanted to officially say hello. I have been reading these forums for a couple weeks now. I finally got to lvl20 so now I feel I have some relevant experience.

    Fell free to PM me in game anytime, Just tell me you are from the forums.

    Edward Stormshadow: R/Me lvl20
    Nicholas Flemel: Ele/Mo lvl 7

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    Welcome! And congrats on reaching lvl 20! :happy65:
    Supporters :D of this site are precious....Volunteers are priceless!
    Ask us how you can help!

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    Welcome to the forum! :happy34:
    -Lisa Jonté
    Artist, Writer, Flibbertigibbet
    Arcanum Visual
    Coreopsis: A Guild Wars webcomic

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Hiya Edward. Nice going reaching level 20, and on the offer. :)

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