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    In your opinion, what are the three most strategy oriented professions from greatest to least.

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    Personally, I belive it is Mesmer>Necro>Monk because of the roles each of them play. The mesmer I think is the hardest because he/she has to work on countering the enemy, timing spells just right and figuring out who to strike first and when spells will need to re-cast etc. I think the Nec is next because it provides a vital support, whether it be minions, wells, etc. You need to learn what combos of spells work best and for minion masters (like myself) have a constant minion maitanence job, which can get complicated without some though. I think the monk is next simply because he/she is the one who the team relies on for healing and rezzing. You can easily tell how good monks are by what spells they use and who they heal first, etc.

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    It depends on what you mean by strategy-oriented... are you meaning classes that require more teamwork and practice to use? Classes that can more easily control combat variables? Classes that are more essential for squads? Classes that have less "upkeep" so you can focus on the big picture better? You're going to get a different answer, depending on what agenda and goal you are pursuing.

    Rangers are best able to change/level the playing field, with Traps and Spirits, as well as Conditions to alter your opponent's tactics. Mesmers are best able to manipulate and control variables pertaining to spellcasters. Monks are almost essential to the upkeep and tempo of any combat, and their armor and inherent value make them first targets in many combats. Warriors are a staple backbone of both damage and tanking. Elementalists are prized for their ability to spike damage, quickly eliminating targets, but they are quite vulnerable to receiving damage themselves. I can't say much for Necros (having not played a primary Necro yet).

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