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    Is there a limit to how many minions you can animate?

    The other day i was pvping with my team, and we summoned over 100 bone fiends, but there was a problem with the AI, and the fiends did not attack the enemy in their FOV, neither did they follow the necro, was wondering if this was a bug, as the minions do not move at all even if it gets attacked or if the master moves.

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    No, as far as I know there is no limit to how many of them you can make, although it gets quite hard taking care of them. I have also noticed their AI is very bugged. Even a few will just stand around and not attack anything. :(

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    Yeah that happens quite alot, is there no way to make them follow us?

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    I guess they eventually realise what they are doing and run to you. But yeah, I have noticed that sometimes they just stand around and do nothing.

    This one time in Perdition Rock, I had amassed an army of about 16 horrors. Most were in relativly good condition thanks to Verata's Sacrifice and a couple Blood of the Masters. With this army(including 7 henchmen) I decided that I would take on the 10+ hydras that grouped up a little outside the Ember Camp. The plan was simple, let the horros tank and then use putrid explosion once the hydras started dropping. So I start attacking....and then noticed that something was wrong. The henchmen were dropping like flies and my horror army was nowhere to be seen. After ressing at the portal, I looked around and saw my former army just standing around near the area where I had prepared for the failed hydra sortie.

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    Hmm....that's strange. How do the infamous minion massers in GvG manage to control all 40+ of their fiends/horrors then? :confused:

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    What amazes me is that they can even summon amounts like that...The biggest army I've ever had was something around 10 horrors/fiends....I can't imagine how someone could make such massive numbers in PvP.

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    I've had the same thing happen but not so many. I had about 3 or 4 when doing the Fort Ranik mission. Through the entire mission they would never move after being summoned. What seemed to happen was I was a bit laggy at the time and had warped..after I did that I guess they didn't register my movements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by comprehension
    Hmm....that's strange. How do the infamous minion massers in GvG manage to control all 40+ of their fiends/horrors then? :confused:

    They have a very specialized team for the job, usually around 6 necros and 2 monks healing minions like mad. :happy34:

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    http://forums.gwonline.net/showthread.php?t=349616 That is the team that LuLu made for massive minons

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