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Thread: The New Scroll

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    Unhappy The New Scroll

    I'm really sorry if its on the wrong forum but ...

    What am i suppose to do with scrolls ?
    I just found a Scroll of Slayer's Insight, and i dont know what to do with it or when to use it. And if i don't want to use it ... how do i know for how much i can trade it ?
    Everyone i've asked in game said something like :
    "Where did you find it ? Not at the traders uh ? I'll give you 2k for it, since no one is never going to need it"
    I can be quite noob when it comes to items .... HELP !!!! :(

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    I allows to to double or triple the experience you gain, just mouse over it for a full description.

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    Glint run?

    Anyone know if it's possible to sustain this new scroll during a Glint run?

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    ive seen this scroll drop off a basic lvl 20 forgotten in Thirsty River mish, so id assume, like any other gold/rare item, it can be found anywhere the mob lvl is high enough to meet the reqs to be capable of dropping it

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    Price checks are available at your local scroll trader. ;)

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    How do u use scrolls?

    I ve been just leaving them behind are scrolls usefull to warriors then?
    How do u use a scroll?
    Something new pops up everyday!!

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    As far as I can tell, the best place to use the new scroll would be someplace like right outside of ember light camp or thirsty river.

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