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    I am a lvl 20 W/N myself and there have been many good suggestions already, but there are one more witch I always bring. Parasitic bond I find very usefull if used properly, and it only cost 5 mana. Gives enemy healthdegen of -1 for 20 sec. and you gain 30-102 health after 20sec or if enemy dies. Fast to cast (1 sec.) and fast recharge (2 sec.) If you have high strenght you can combine it with endure pain and get a wery nice self-healing and stamina package :) With 11 strenght and 7 curses I get temporary about 230 extra health from endure pain and 72 health per. parasitic bond. A nice deal if you ask me.

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    The key sentence in the above post is "or when target dies". That is a very good way to utilise parasitic bond actually, just before you drop someone, bond em for an insta heal ;)

    I ended up using it only like this, because the 20 sec investment was mistimed most of the times, not healing me when I really needed.

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    Ok... decided to go with this build:

    Sever artery
    Final thrust
    Battle rage (E) (for now as i cant find a good curse elite spell)
    Strip enchantment (Yeah i know its blood, but 60 hp heal is ok + the enchantment remover :D)
    Parasitic bond
    Plague touch
    Rez signet

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    Tried lingering curse?

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    Naw you gotta remember im a warrior, my base energy is only 20, lingering curse is 25 energy.
    Thanks for your suggestion though.

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    You could wear gladiator armor to get to 27-28, but that is kinda pushing it to empty your entire pool for one spell.

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    I've been using the Warrior/Necro build for about 2 weeks now (i'm a nublet to the game), and one of the reasons I went Necro sub was coz i thought the blood magic drains were uber... Oh, how I was so wrong! The necromancer skillset does not compliment the Warrior main very well, mainly because a lot of the good necro spells require gobbles amount of energy that the warrior does not have. HOWEVER! There is one godly spell that will save the W/N build, and that would be Plague Touch. My warrior setup is mainly for interupt, chaser and crippling, so the plague touch comes in real handy when rangers and other warriors try to poison/cripple me, thus allowing me to pursue whoever is running away from my party from focus fire. My current build:

    13 Swordmanship (11 + 2 - Damn sword needed 13 swordmanship :( )
    12 Strength (11 + 1)
    11 Tactics (10 + 1)

    [1] Savage Slash - If opponent is casting a skill, this interrupts them and knocks them back and disables that skill for 15 seconds. Does additional 35 damage if opponent was casting skill. I love watching Monks try to outheal me, just pop on Savage Slash and bam, cancels their heal, Final Thrust, 88 monker.
    [2] Severe Arterty - Standard issue bleeder
    [3] Final Thrust - The spike skill for warriors.
    [4] Hamstring - Warriors aren't primary DD's, cripple works wonders.
    [5] Plague Touch - Let's play hot potatoes! Rangers can kiss my ***.
    [6] Battle Rage - Come on! This has gotta be one of the best elites. Double Adrenaline, 25% increased run speed, 3 strikes of adrenaline to activate.
    [7] Healing Signet - No MP heals 128HP at 11 tactics, 4 second cooldown, 2 second cast. Great for teams that focus fire on me.
    [8A] Rez Signet (For Arenas)
    [8B] Galrath's Slash - Damage skill to put that resevoir of adrenaline to use

    This is pretty much a PURE Warrior Build. Plague touch has no attribute.
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