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    Does changing Pets lose their level?

    I have a level 11 Stalker and came across the Snow Wolf and wanted to give it a try. If I switch to wolf, does it go all the way back to level 5? If it does, doesn't that pretty much make your pet useless for a while?

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    You get it at the same level you charm it at, but it will level pretty fast, so if you want the wolf I say go for it.

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    As far as I know, most pets start at lvl 5, with the exception of the pre searing wolves and bears, which start at a lower lvl, and the UW spider, which start at lvl 20.

    Still, having to level the pet again is worth it as long as you are happy with the kind of critter that will be following you around.

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    Oh..good to know. I am kinda tired of my pather. lol So many ppl have the same kind.

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    im gonna switch

    yeah thats what i thought too
    evryone has the stalker
    im going to swich my lvl 20 stalker for a moa bird:P
    they are kin a cool!! :p

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    You can also tame an Elder Wolf lvl 15 but hes much later in the game :p

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    I found this quote somewhere:

    Animals can gain levels, and some even evolve into more powerful types of creature. The evolution attained depends on the habits of the master, and multiple evolutions may occur if the animal stays with the master long term.

    Does this even exist?? If that's the case, then I probably don't want to change my Pet. I guess I'll just have to live with a Panther. lol

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    I think that refers to the fact that as pets gain levels, they get bigger and bigger, for example, a lvl 20 bear is taller than my ranger when he stands up to do brutal mauling.

    if you dont use any special name for your pet, you might also notice some prefixes to the pets name, such as hearty spider, elder wolf, etc.

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