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    defective charr hide and old mack

    i have a few questions, thanks for your time..
    i have this "defective" charr hide
    it WONT stack with other charr hides and in post searing ascalon when I have 4 normal charr hides and i try to trade them for 1 fur square with that collector lady, if i have the defective charr hide on my character(inventory or stash)she says I need 3 more charr hides. however i gave the def charr hide to a friend and then the collector worked and traded me for my 4 squares.

    i gave this hide to friends and they cant stack it either its weird..ive also went out of town and dropped it and picked it up but it doesnt stack, and yes im sure its a charr hide, ive gotten other people to try it too

    another question
    in pre searing Old Mack's name is with a "K" and in post searing outside of piken square his name is Old Mac, with no "K" is this the same person?

    also can you walk in guild wars? i know this is pointless but , it seems theres a walking animation for each character. for example when a warrior with a hammer runs into a wall he walks slower and holds his hammer on his shoulder, he also does this when you get a hex on u that makes u slower
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    I had the same problem with those charr hides as you did, I had a stack of 16 and found i coulnt stack anymore. I thought it might have been because my char reache a certain point in the game a first, but came to the conclusion it was probably an update that came out. My suggestion, sell your first pile of charr hides and start again. I sold my first pile of 15 and my new pile is up around 40 so far ( i see guys in old ascolon willing to buy them for 30-40 gp per piece)

    Yes that is the same Old Mac as the pre-searing one and Joe is the devourer egg you gave him to replace the bull you killed on him.

    As for the walking part, I don't know maybe someone out there might know, cause i cant figure it out

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    Well, the charr hides will have been broken with an update, when they change base value at shops etc, they wont stack because they're now different items, at least that's the way I understand it.

    At the moment you cant walk, at least nobody has figured out a way to.

    It was probably designed this way to save confusion on who's crippled and who's just a cripple. :)

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    It's funny, because some of the NPCs do walk. So there's obviously a walk animation and it's blatantly different from the crippled animation.

    I remember doing a quest in, I think it was, the desert and the NPCs (Cynn and the bunch) were walking. It wasn't fair..I wanna walk...

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