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    Good weapons or no?

    Ok I play elem's so I don't really know what makes a good or GREAT weapon for a warrior. I found 2 weapons recently that I think are nice, but not sure... also not sure how to price them so I figured I'd ask the warrior experts :D.

    Gold Spiked Axe
    6-28 Damage
    +18(%maybe not sure) damage while hexed
    Double adrenaline on hit (8%)
    +1 Axe mastery (17%)

    Purple Gladius
    15-22 Damage
    +14% Longer enchantments
    Damage +11% (while health above 50%)

    Any input is welcome (and thanks in advance :happy34:)

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    Both are nice.

    I know most people just want the +15% damage for health, enchantedor always, but these aren't always very common.

    I actually have been saving a few weapons like these just to use as bases. I then build off of them with the upgrades to create a weapon ideal forcertain situations I see in PvE. For example a Hale Smiting Staff of Skeletonslaying or an Icy Scimitar of Charrslaying. Each of which would normally be good weapons suddenly become excellent weapons if used in the right areas.

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