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    What to combo Ele with

    So I have one more slot for a character, and I need to unlock Ele skills. Currently I have-
    and R/W

    My question is what should I combine with an Ele to have the most fun? I'm thinking of going Ele/Mo but I'm not sure and would welcome suggestions.

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    Well you needn't be elementalist primary, but I find E/W a good challenge. If you use your R/W for melee then you shouldn't have that much trouble finding a way for an E/W to stay alive.

    E/Me is the standard build, energy draining keeps you in the game a bit longer. E/Mo is also popular so you can self heal, but you become branded later on as a secondary healer and are almost expected to carry around heals to help the party.

    Necro and ranger do combine with elementalist, but I don't find such combos as rewarding. Rangers in and of themselves do not require another profession and you'd be better off going R/?, while necros are better served being part mesmer (as you know), or going W/N or N/W for fun (and undeniable damage if played right).

    I enjoy my W/E, being a nigh invincible juggernaut is fun, but you've already got a warrior prime so perhaps you'd like a change.

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    I do E/N and i love it of course N get no use
    i'm a Fire/Air Elementalist with 83 in Energy fire at 16 Air at 9 so far

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    Yeah, I could put Ele in either spot easily. My very first character was a W/E and she was quickly deleted as I got sick of having no energy.

    For a bit I was thinking of going Me/E, purely for Fast Casting and Energy Stealing, and jumping from one element to another as needed...any thoughts?

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    An Me/E hydromancer would be good, Water has many slow spells that would benefit from Fast Casting. Earth too is fairly slow, but not so many that it requires the speed. Air and Fire are sufficiently fast that you don't need Fast Casting.

    Air especially is pointless to use Fast Casting with because all the skills (even the most basic, Lightning Strike) have bad recycle times which prevent spam casting like other elements. You can string several Air spells together (Lightning Strike, Enervating Charge, Lightning Orb for instance) and be able to cast the first one again by the time you finish the last one.

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