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Thread: Griffon Run

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    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I hate W/Mos. *Retrieves eyeballs from floor* :eek:

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    Mind giving me some details on that build :D Armor, attributes, skills etc and how to use em properly :)

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    OMG!!!! taht is amazing.... wish I knew what skills they were... I would love to be able to do that once LoL... I like my W/E though... but it would be fun to make it a w/mo just once to try it LoL

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    Thumbs up

    OMG DUDE YOU ****ING ROCK!!!! omfg1!!!
    how the hell dit you do that????
    omg1!!! what skills did you use???

    coolest movy ever!!!!

    :happy14: :happy65: :clap: :worship:

    omg, i hope i can get my monk/warrior....
    to do that!!

    that was awzome!!

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    holy moly......... i wish i could do that with my ranger..... :(

    but anyways....AWESOME :happy65:

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    Please give more detail to us on how you did that with the following things:
    1. Skills used.
    2. Attribute points.
    3. Armor set used, and what runes are on it.


    EDIT* Actually I can name all this skills just by looking at the icons.

    1. Bonneti's Defense. For 5-10 seconds, you have a 75% chance to block incoming melee attacks. You gain 5 energy for each successful parry. Bonetti's Defense ends if you use a skill. Req. Tactics.

    2. Cyclone Axe. Perform a spinning axe attack striking for 4-10 more damage against all adjacent opponents. Req. Axe Mastery.

    3. Vigorous Spirit. For 30 seconds, each time target ally attacks or casts a spell, that ally is healed for 1-11 points. Req. Healing Prayers.

    4. Zealot's Fire. For 60 seconds, whenever you use a skill on an ally, all foes adjacent to your target are struck for 5-37 fire damage. Req. Smiting Prayers.

    5. Healing Breeze. For 10 seconds, target ally gains health regeneration of 3-8. Req. Healing Prayers.

    6. Healing Hands.{Elite} For 10 seconds, Healing Hands heals target ally for 5-21 points each time that ally suffers Physical damage. Req. Healing Prayers.

    7. Live Vicariously. While you maintain this "Enchantment", whenever target ally hits a foe, you gain 1-11 health. Req. Healing Prayers.

    8. Mending. While you maintain this "Enchantment", target ally gains health regeneration of +1-3. Req. Healing Prayers.
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    GWOnline.Net Member Elcold's Avatar

    Crazy video, ive done something similar with my ele/monk, most monsters ive seen taken out at once.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Yeah the amount was very impressive especially with the #s going all the way across the screen and the monsters just hanging back because they couldn't squeeze in

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    Nice Video but I can tell yall how that worked it out.

    He gathers everyone up around it (cyclone axe hits em all' thus the massive damage showed on the screen)

    While doing this, he had mending on for the constant healing. Then he casts Zealots Fire which gives dmg everytime you cast a spell on yourself. So basically with Healing Hands, Vigorous Spirit and Live Vicariously its like a Life Leech, everytime you hit you steal life, so with Cyclone axe and hitting ALL around you thus the mass health he was gaining.

    Of course with Bonetti's defense the chance to block is greater so you dont get hit as much. So everytime a spell is on you, you deal 37 dmg to all the griffons and with cyclone axe you steal all that life (resulting in the mass dmg showing from just hitting all the griffon and all the health gained). Healing breeze just there to keep him alive.

    So this is a common tactic used to kill mass amounts of enemies, but keep in mind the killing of griffon :happy05: griffons just do damage, now to impress me, I would like to see you kill a swarm of Hydra. (Because they cast Meteor to knock you down so its hard to get off all your skills). Now that would impress me, but none the less, well made video, thumbs up :happy14:

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