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    Is this the way to...

    Is this the way to Amarillo?


    Two of our members from the Tiger Bruvers Clan '[TB]', Shane and Biggles, created this video for the Guild Wars community.

    Due to the overwhelming interest in this video and our clan at the moment we are looking into making more videos for the community.

    All comments are encouraged and welcomed. :)

    Thanks Monkeydash Golaine.

    For those who are member of several of the Elite and Official Fansites will have seen me make this post several times this is so that the whole of the Guild Wars community can enjoy our videos.

    Thanks again.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    You made everyone here in the office laugh. Good one.

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    Really entertaining. My kids and I laughed and laughed.

    Super work - and great running . . . so did he get to Amarillo?
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    Oh I haven't laughed so hard in days, thank you for that.
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    Nice job! Is the next one going to be "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" "Run to the Hills"? "Run Like Hell"?
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    Excellent movie. Had me laughing through most of it. The use of emotes was the icing on the cake though :D

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    omg awesome! the dance of the ranger and the mesmer were in perfect harmony with the music lol

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    I can sincerely say that this movie split my preverbiale sides. I just love the part where the Mesmer tapdances and the Elementalist does that up-down-up-down thing ( /excited, right?). Hilarious :D

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    Yes, I enjoyed this movie much.
    Now if only I could find time to stop hating the songs after I'm a quarter of a way done with a movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kajocat

    Really entertaining. My kids and I laughed and laughed.

    Super work - and great running . . . so did he get to Amarillo?
    I sure hope so, With all that running he definately deserves too.
    Awesome video man that had me laughing 'specially the part with the charr chasing him down that little corridor type thing :happy53:. Also on a side note that song seems to be popular, on a different forum i browse. There was a video made by british troops and it was thier CO trying to get to Amarillo. Pretty good stuff actually. Once again nice video definately Grade-A material.

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