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    weapon attribute requirement question

    Lets say a weapon has an attribute requirement on the damage but no requirements on the +3 armor/energy/health/etc. You equip the weapon w/o the required attribute points. You see the +3 energy and +20 health that didnt have any attribute requirements pop up on your health and energy bar right when you equip it. So what happens to the damage from the weapon that you dont have the attribute points for? Is the damage taken down a certain %? If so, would it be less if you had some of the attribute points? Or is it like fighting w/o a weapon at all, some base fist mele damage?

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    GWOnline.Net Member MastaFIN's Avatar

    Well, what I have understood, If you dont fulfill the requirement, your weapon does very small damage, quite similiar damage to be compared to your starting weapons. And no, if you dont have all the skillpoints required, it wont help anything. At the second hand, Im still new here.

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