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    Please help me !

    Yo i need a good pve/pvp trapper build if sumone could tel lme the skills for a good trapper please inform me!
    Thanks and peace out

    Oh and would liek to ask a question about oath shot been reading on the forums and people keep saying you need marksmenship... why? im reading hte ksill and it just says you need 7+ expertise for it to fail, so where does marksmenship come in? if someone can answer this thanks again peace out!
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    The game already provides the IVEX Trapper, which is fairly decent and covers all the bases. You might want to check it out in-game by looking at the PvP-only templates (you don't have to actually create that character, just use it as an example).

    A trapper should carry 3-4 traps, 1-3 defensive avoidance skills, Troll Unguent, Res Signet. Lots of folks carry along something to decrease the Cooldown time, like Serpent's Quickness or Quickening Zephyr.
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    You don't need Marksmanship for Oath Shot.

    As a supplement or replacement to the Ranger defensive skills, you might also try Glyph of Concentration (yes, it works with traps), Mantra of Concentration, or Mantra of Resolve for your combat trapping needs.

    I also personally prefer Healing Spring over Troll Unguent for trappers. At high levels of Wilderness Survival, it's like an AOE unremovable Healing Breeze (with no cap) for all your teammates. Who could say no to that?

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