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    Need a Nec/Mes farming build

    So I have like 6k right now after shelling out for a superior blood rune but now I need to get on the way to getting 15k armor.

    However, all the farming builds I see are for elementists/warriors/monks..

    What would a good build + area to farm be for a nec/mes?
    Assuming I have all the spells and areas available (got every important spells but can get anything else that's needed and I'm on the second to last mission so I have every explorable area unlocked).

    Thanks for the help.

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    the build doesn't have to utilize necro or mesmer or only one.. just any sort of build with those restrictions that would work well for getting cash..


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    GWOnline.Net Member Pythonix's Avatar

    Might wanna check out a post called PURE NECRO FARMING - This will show you how, it even comes with a spiffy instructional video you can download.

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