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    Irish Ranger Ian

    One reason Guild Wars is loosing my intrest

    i wish it turend out to be like world of warcraft i dont mean having them taking out all the portals and stuff but i hope they can add contested areas and have not horde but charr and grawls and with alliance could be humans and elves or dwarves or whatever. i just wish that roleplaying had a bit of pvp that was actually fun cause playing in an arena for 2 days isnt fun. It would be cool to fight charr and grawls that are other players for the control of land and i think maybe whos side was winning gets a bonus and there side could get morale and then they could make updates for the winning side. and they could take out portals to some areas but i think these changes would make the game so much more fun

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    Um.. paragraphs/sentences please?

    But if you want GW to be so much like WoW, why don't you just go play WoW and stop wasting our time with useless forums posts.

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    Why don't you stop saying the same thing that has been said hundreds of times by now. Why don't you try to accept some new idea that could improve the gameplay of GW instead of fighting the same 5 monsters with different names.

    I personally like the idea, because I'm starting to loose interest in this game. I have another game in mind that has basicly the things you described and much larger "GvG"s if you call it that. Anyways.. Yea good idea

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    what we need too ... is cities invasion by monster .. like .. charrs in ascalon =D

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