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    Post Poll: What build are you using?

    Hi I'm just another bored person posting threads, and i just want to know what builds rangers use to conclude which type is used most common :)
    For example, there are builds like speed poison beastmaster fire etc... mines speed :) Plz post your build.

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    marks.. damage dealing with regular attacks + skills.. melandrus arrows for the prep

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    Melee... second warrior, swords/tactics/expertise.

    Once I get the skills, gonna be playing as a 'duelist', using Riposte, Deadly Riposte and Gladiator's Defense mainly.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Trapper/Self Healer :P

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I don't know what you'd call my build but I usually just deal damage like crazy and annoy the heck out of my opponents.

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    2 Builds mainly: Ra/Mes--DOT dmg (kindle arrows+poison arrow) Energy Drain/Heal( energy tap/inspired hex/ether feast)....then i have a pure interupt build with only Ranger skills :happy34:

    *Love Being a Ranger*

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    I keep swapping...Axe melee, hammer melee, DOT bow, Pure dmg bw, Beastmaster....there's to many combinations for me to not use them all Also there is no poll here, but I guess thats a good thing cause the list would be to long and there'd always be "you missed this type.."
    IGN: Zero Djinn
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    I call mine a "Conditions" ranger. R/N - can typically keep 3+ conditions on a player at any given time. My skill bar has bleeding, burning, crippled, poison, disease, blind and choking gas spells/skills. Maybe not the best, but it definately brings some whining in PvP and has been effective in PvE (against single targets typically).

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I use a diversivy build that main focus is expertise:

    I poison, blind, barb trap enemies and constantly block attacks, I repeat the dose as soon I can with oath shoot and I have distracting bow to annoy casters.

    Works really well, this is an Anti-Warrior build 100%.

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    DoT or AntiCast Ranger / Mesmer

    For PVE, 7 Illusion, 10+2 Expertise, 9+1 Wilderness, 10+1 Marksmanship

    For PVP, 11 Domination, 8+2 Expertise, 9+1 Wildnerness, 8+1 Marksmanship

    Poison arrow and conjure phantasm work wonders on anything fleshy. I love seeing green and purple health bars on my enemies. And there's nothing like shattering a life saving enchantment on those dirty monks. Ah good times.

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