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Thread: mod weapons

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    mod weapons

    how do you upgrade or mod a clean chaos axe besides customising it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spocker
    how do you upgrade or mod a clean chaos axe besides customising it?
    Err... You mean how do you add an upgrade part to the axe?
    Just double click on the upgrade you want to add and apply it to the axe. Same principle as dying your armor or identifying stuff.

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    and where do you get these upgrades? Can you buy them from someone... or are they only found by killing monsters?
    heh im new

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    Either you buy from somebody else or pick up drops(weapons) from mobs and use expert salvage kit to extract the mods. The pickup weapons should have a name, for example fiery bow of fortitude means there is a fiery string and a fortitude grip. Unfortunately, you could only extract one out of the two mods (sometimes none).

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    It's a good idea to become familiar with the different mods.


    And like Mortshd said, you don't always get the mod when salvaging it. And when an item has two mods, like the fiery bow of fortitude example, there's no way of salvaging one or the other. It's hit and miss. In this case you might get a fiery bowstring, or a bow grip of fortitude, or a little pile of wood planks.

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