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    Chronicles Of Heroes is back and recruiting!

    I'm the leader of the Guild ‘Chronicles of Heroes’. Currently, we have around 30 members. Most of us know how to play as a group and have a good degree of skill, and we’re also fairly active.

    Our Guild is looking to get deeper into PvP. We regularly go 4v4 in the Arena, and when we have enough people go to the Hall of Heroes or GvG. At the moment, we have roughly fifteen members who are active, though often not at the same time. As such, we haven’t done a whole lot of GvG, and what we have done is a mixed record. However, many of us still enjoy the occasional Underworld run or just exploring the map. So PvE isn’t totally out of our focus.

    Our community is also open and inviting. Most of us are here to have fun, not just grind on our way towards Ascension and the endgame. As a Guild, we listen to <i>all</i> our members, not just the Officers and the Leader. And, as I said, we’re more than willing to help those behind us out. Since we are really just starting out, we may not have all the perks of other Guilds. We have a small forum at www.s11.invisionfree.com/chronicles_of_heroes that is, admittedly, rather bareboned. But it serves its purpose. Our Guild isn’t new, but we’re still fairly small, and there’s opportunity for advancement.

    Now, for what we want in our recruits. We expect people to be both active and helpful towards other members. You don’t have to drop out of your mission and fall at their feet, but if you’re just standing around or doing a little side farming, we’d appreciate you going back and helping if you can. We also expect you to be mature and civil most of the time.

    As far as the actual game, we are only asking that you have a character at level 10 or above. This is a precaution so that every level 2 or 3 doesn’t jump on, ride us to Ascension, then leave. We always prefer people who don’t rip us off. We have a pretty balanced group of people, so we’re accepting most any class. However, having multiple Ascended characters/PvP set ups is always a bonus.

    Now, we don’t want to need to worry about whispers at random points, nor you catching one of those rare times when there are no Officers on. So we would appreciate it if you would copy/paste this application and post it.

    In Game Name(s) - ________________________
    Class(es)/Subclass(es) - ____________________
    Level(s) - _______________________________
    Comments - _____________________________

    (That last one is just in case >_>)

    Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you soon.


    Also, we would appreciate it if you would sign up for our forums


    and at least drop by now and then to post/read the announcements.

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    Oops. Sorry about that, just ignore this topic.

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