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    my first graphical error <3

    i feel warm inside

    my comp has been on a while must go restart comp ^^

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    nice it now says "repairing data archive" and my tast menu bar thing doesn't work xD

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    :o, how did you get the uber 15k white cube armor on 3 of your chars, you must be l33t!

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    DAMN! now i can't add you to my aim friend list... :( oh wait... i don't use aim... :confused:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Sus
    :o, how did you get the uber 15k white cube armor on 3 of your chars, you must be l33t!
    Inailiable proof to the UW armor crafter I say.

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    decrease anti-aliasing

    I had it too when I played with 4x anti-aliasing on 1600x1200, I decreaed it to 3 and it never happened again.

    I hope this will work for you as well.


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    I've had this same thing too. After a system memory test, it turned out that my memory was faulty. After I replaced it, this never happened again.

    Try changing your graphics settings first, but the memory test that I used is here: http://memtest86.com/
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    yep faulty mobo gave me same problem (due to ram not reading/writing properly). I will see if i can find the screenshots and post them later :P
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    Wow, I want some of that armor! Your radiance is simply too much for our mortal eyes to view.

    About that "Repairing Data Archive"... what says that? Guild Wars when you start it up? If so, a good first step would be to reinstall GW.


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    hot damn. now anet is including monolith henches!

    must be some hell of a tank!

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