Hey all, I was just playing around on my W/Mo when I discovered a very nice hunting place for a 15ish W/Mo. Not sure if people already know about it, but I'll tell you all anyway

The Spot

Its in the Gates of Kryta mission, as soon as you zone in, continue on the path and take your very first left. There is a pig there named "Oink" for reference.

My Build

For this, I pretty much just loaded everything I could into healing/smiting prayers as they were the only things I would use.

1-Balthazar's Spirit*
2-Zealot's Fire*
3-Orison of Healing (or another good self heal)*
5-Symbol of Wrath
6-Vigorous Spirit
7-Doesn't Matter**
8-Doesn't Matter**

*Essential to the build

**Preferably used with quick cast self buffs, don't need to be useful.


First, when you are near "Oink" cast Balthazar's Spirit and Retribution on yourself. Then walk behind the house, and continue down the path. Usually, I stay up on the ramp in the corner. At first, 2-5 undead mobs come up, first stick zealot's fire on yourself, then symbol of wrath. After those two buffs are up, spam heals even if you don't need them (With zealot's fire running, it'll damage the mobs) after these, a whole horde comes, but just stay in the spot and continue the same thing you did for the first bunch. Along with the horde comes 3 Undead Warlocks, they are extremely annoying since they death nova the mobs around you. I usually just ignore them, pick up my loot, warp back to Gates of Kryta, and repeat.


The loot is generally just bones/dusts and collectors items. They drop alot of gold too, and there's a good chance for some blue weapons. I've gotten a couple rune armors out of it (blues/purples but no gold yet)

So have fun, and don't die :happy34:


At the time, I was using Droknar armor and have major rune of vigor/absorbtion, could've helped me a little bit, but should be fine anyway. Also, you might've noticed I didn't include Vigorous Spirit/the 2 extra slots into the procedure, if you want to use them, just spam them for extra dmg from zealot's fire.