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    problem with my ranger sub-class

    hi all !


    my main character is a necro/ranger and i have the black spider as a pet.
    the problem is (if any) that i want to switch sometimes to necro/ele or necro/monk. but since i have this spider i found in uw, im afraid to lose it if i ever change my ranger secondary class.

    is there anyone here who did this before and can tell me if he lose his pet or if it was still there when he switched back to ranger (with charm animal equiped of course ) ???

    thanks a lot !!

    (i also asked this question elsewhere and it seems that im the only who want to try this since no one can answer me with certitude)


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    Ok, I haven't tried this myself, but what I have read tends to show that switching to another secondary will make you lose your pet (obviously), but getting ranger back and equipping charm animal will bring it back. So it's not really "lost".

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