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Thread: Map Question

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    Map Question

    I was just curious, I just got into post seras and the map seems pretty damn huge. How much of it is actually explorable?

    I have seen games where they give you huge maps, but you can do about 50% of it..

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    The area that Ascalon City is in (Brown tinted), the Shiverpeak mountains to the west and the majority of Kryta just to the west of the Shiverpeaks is largely explorable.

    The only areas I've found that have large inacessible portions are the Maguuma jungle in the farthest west part of the map and a good amount in the desert. The northern and souther parts of the Maguuma aren't available, along with the mountainous desert peninsula that juts out from the southern portion of your map.

    Assigning a number value to it, I'd say around 70% is explorable, though I haven't been everywhere.
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