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    Suggestion: Guild Hall

    Hi all!

    I just tought of a small suggestion I might to make Guild Halls more useful for guilds who are not ready for GvG yet and thought posting here might be the best way for it to be heard...

    What I like with this suggestion is that it doesn't require ANet to invest a lot of dev time (actually, it shouldn't require dev at all) and it doesn't give any singificant advantage to guilds with halls, just a nice way to use it.

    My suggestion is: Why don't ANet adds the standard facilities you find in any small towns (i.e. merchant and Xunlai agent) to the Guild Halls? That would actually make the Guild Hall more useful as a meeting place for guild mates!

    I'm actually a member of a small guild (about 10 people, all RL friends). We bought a Guild Hall early in the game, knowing very well we were FAR from beign ready to GvG but thinking it might be cool to have a place to hang out... The problem is: We've almost never beign in the Guild Hall since buying it :( We do hang out often tho! Everytime we finish a play session, we meet up in some town to do some item swapping, giving the items to people who might need it, or selling items and giving the gold (or auctionnable items) to the guy in charge of the guild treasury management... Why couldn't we do this in our Guild Hall in place of doing it in Lion's Arch! It would give us a much better environment to do this (and we wouldn't have to hear all the spam in LA) while reducing the number of people hanging near storage in LA... I just feel there's no reason this hasn't been implemented...

    Before I end this post, I just want to tell everyone that I know that the Guild Hall is meant for GvG and was never advertised as having any other use... I just feel that adding a minor thing like that might actually make it a lot more valuable for smaller guilds, while increasing the feeling we're really part of a guild! Except for large guilds who participate in GvG, there's not much that actually makes small guild like ours useful...

    Thanks for your feedback!

    - Lana Windmaster

    (P.S. sorry if I made any spelling of grammar mistakes, english isn't my primary language)
    Lana Windmaster

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    GWOnline.Net Member Shanthe's Avatar

    I LOVE this idea, i have also thought about this SO many times... especially considering taking a PvP character to a GVG match and having to get items from storage... BUT THERE IS NO STORAGE!

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    GWOnline.Net Member NO TACT's Avatar

    Bravo!!! First time I got tp the Guild Hall and saw Henchies and nothing else I though "WTH do we need this for"? Definitely a great suggestion. :happy34:

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    sounds more like a guild town than a guild hall :p

    It doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. I think a Guild Storage would be a good idea too (I won't say more than that b/c it has been addressed b4). But it does make it a little more useful for smaller guilds, a nice reclusive town for guildies to hang out at
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    The guild i'm currently in doesnt gvg, but we do own a guild hall. I'd really like to see the whole merchant idea implemented, as well as maybe having animals roaming around or something, like wolves, lynxs, stalkers, warthogs, bears etc....

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    There has been a few ideas along those lines to make the halls useful. One in particular was proposed by... er. Navarian maybe? Anyway, it had all this guild hall as a battle ground, defend-the-fort sor of things. Adding a PvE diemnsion to guild halls certainly wouldn't hurt. ^^

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    I like the idea...The guild i'm in has just bought one...I think for the fact of having one than any real use...

    But to be honest it doesn't serve a purpose beyond a chat area....I'd like to see a little more useabilty in it...An Storage agent would be good, Trader not sure on myself and maybe some other elements....

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    I agree with this...Guild Halls are useless for anything other than GvG. Also what I'd like to see implemented is all the henchmen classes that are available to mission towns, such as the protector or cultist henchmen...Because the Archer Henchmen is basically useless.

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    GWOnline.Net Member KelvinC's Avatar

    totally agreed.

    the Guildhall should be a area to meet. At least give some PvP practice areas within the hall

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