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    W/MO-Farming as Sword

    I have been trying to make a sword variation of the axe griffon farming build that was posted earlier this month that was able to take like 30-40 griffons and minotaurs at the same time. I like swords better than axes in PvE because swords are much much better in groups than axes because you are usually grouped with idiots that mess up your aggro which makes staple skills like cyclone axe less effective.The link to the mentioned thread can be found here: http://forums.gwonline.net/showthread.php?t=356004

    The original build looks like this:

    Bonetti's Defense
    Cyclone Axe
    Vigorous Spirit
    Zealot's Fire
    Healing Breeze
    Healing Hands {E}
    Live Vicariously

    Now when I tried to turn it into swords I got something that looked like this:

    10 Smiting
    8 Healing
    10+4 Sword=14 Sword
    8+1 Tactics=9 Tactics (This will allow me to use a 9 requirement Crimson Carapace shield)

    Bonetti's Defense
    Hundred Blades
    Vigorous Spirit
    Zealot's Fire
    Healing Breeze
    Signet of Wrath
    Live Vicariously

    The problem is that I don't have Healing Hands when I am using the sword version. Healing Hands appears to be critical because it heals you each time you are hit by physical damage. Signet of Wrath WILL give me much higher damage output, but I am not sure that will make up for the lack of Healing Hands. I really hate being forced to use axe, but Areanet seems to have gimped Hundred Blades when they made it elite. Also, I don't like some of the pure smite builds that are popping up because I like using a shield and platemail rather than energy boosting equipment.

    My number one problem with axes is that there are UBER farming builds for them but their "normal" mission/Uw/party build totally sucks compared to swords.
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    Yes Healing Hands is a must. Just tested it. Axe is the best way to go. Or pure smiter.
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    Goddamnit. I hate being forced to use certain builds. So now I am stuck using sword for UW/Non-Solo and Axe for solo. Which means I basically have to use ALL of my refund points to switch between them. Areanet should either make a weapon viable in all situations OR give us unlimited refund points in outposts.
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    OR Have no attribute penalty after a certain amount of xp (300-350k?)

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    Edit: Should be "Symbol of Wrath"

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    You really need balthazaar's Spirit... It's pretty much a must have for farming. Have 40 gryphons on you? (are there even that many out there?)... well good for you, that's 40 mana per hit that you regain (and adrenaline). Don't avoid the damage, welcome it (hence no bonneti's defense). Try to bump healing to 9, that's when healing breeze reaches 7 pips instead of 6. Why 14 sword? Most of your dmg SHOULD be from smiting, not from your sword. Anything above 12 is pointless... and +4 implies you got a superior... that's -75 hp... an unnecessary hit. You get 12 with a minor and that is more than enough. Take out bonneti's and mending and live vicariously. Replace with: Vigorous spirit, Healing Hands (try to get it), and Balthazaar's Spirit. Vigorous essentially does the same as live vicariously except you don't give up that pip of regen AND you can spam it with balthazaar's spirit effectively setting off Zealots Fire Every Single Time. With two upkeeps and 0 pips of energy regen... pray tell how are you going to use healing breeze and such? Ok ok hundred blades... you can use that every 8 seconds. You regain HP through vigorous spirit / living vicariously... but something like Watch Yourself! Is better in my opinion. With balthazaar's spirit, you can spam it, effectively setting off zealot's fire every single time and giving you +20 AL. In the long run that's way better than hundred blades. In fact, I say ditch hundred blades and Vigorous / living vicariously and Replace with: Watch Yourself! and Healing Hands. You can SPAM both spells with blathazaar's Aura (every damn time they cooldown which is fast) setting off zealot's fire when you use each spell. The reason cyclone axe is MUCH better than hundred blades in this situation is that hundred blades will not hit everyone around you, just the target and two guys next to your target (assuming they make a circle around you) AND hundred blades targets a foe meaning zealot's fire isn't set off AND hundred blades has 2x the cooldown.

    I don't understand how axes are inferior to swords in normal PvE... I don't ever use cyclone axe unless I'm farming lowby areas. In harder areas I carry... 1 warrior skill (Watch Yourself!) while I'm farming (Aka sword or axe.. .don't matter to me).

    As for normal use, Eviscerate {E} (+32 dmg AND deep wound for 7 adrenaline? ... talk about sever artery, gash, and galrath slash in one).. compared to the sword elite: Hundred blades (awful skill in my opinion). Executioner's strike (same as galrath @ level 12)... and penetrating blow (20% armor penetration and +16 dmg @ 5 adrenaline). If the target doesn't bleed... there goes two sword adrenal skills. No cyclone axe mind you... I use all my mana to keep myself alive or cast smiting spells (this is normal PvE ... not farming I'm talking about) Don't want an elite offensive spell? Just love that gladiator's defense? Have no fear, deep wound is here... for 7 adrenaline it does the SAME THING as gash except you don't need them to bleed which means: A) slot freed up due to no sever atery dependence and B) you can deep wound none bleeding foe. Don't like eviscerate as an offensive elite? Use cleave! 4 adrenaline for +22 damage... that translates to +44 dmg every 8 adrenaline vs. Galrath/Executioners @ +32.... What about axe rake and axe twist? Weakness and Cripple... although cripple isn't as useful in PvE, weakness can make an aatxe deal 66% less dmg. This is just adrenal skills... not counting cyclone axe the all purpose mob dealer for extra adrenaline + dmg (4 second cooldown? 2x as fast as hundred blades) if your mana keeps up.
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    Did you see the video? He uses bonettis defense to regen his mana while he uses cyclone axe to heal himself because of the enchantments. He is trying to replicate that using sword. Only problem is he needs healing hands because it gets the heat off you for about 10 seconds which alows you to cast all the needed enchantments. While you could easily do that with a pure smite build he wants to try something more unique and original.

    I also tested the axe build with aura instead of breeze. Works a lot faster.
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    Nope, not an unneccessary hit at all, as I will have a rune of superior vigor to even out the -75 penalty. Also, if you take Balthazar's Spirit, Mending, and Live Vicariously, you are -1 mana regeneration which is no thx. When you combine Vigorous Spirit and Live Vicariously you are stealing enormous amounts of life every time you cast Cyclone Axe.

    Comparing Eviscerate to Hundred Blades is overlooking the big picture. With axe, your main damage dealing skill is ELITE. You NEED to either take Cleave or Eviscerate. However, sword has abilities that are on par to these skills without being elite (Final Thrust comes to mind). Also, the lack of a need to take an elite from the sword line lets you take Healing Hands, which is an incredibly powerful healing spell, especially when combined with skills such as mending and vigorous spirit and healing breeze. Also, Watch Yourself only gives you 20 armor for 5 seconds, no clue why you would want to take a skill like that.

    I think what I am going to be forced to do is respec my attributes to axe whenever I want to farm.

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    superior vigor only gives +50 hp.

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    Can someone plz tell me wer i can get healing hands and hundred blades?

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