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    Need help on Hammer warrior build

    Can someone pls post here the build and skill list for the current PvP hammer warrior build that does the knockdown spike damage?>

    Thanks in advance

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    Well, devastating hammer vs. backbreaker as your hammer elite is one to consider. Earthshaker just costs too much adrenaline, and hardly anyone will be "adjacent" to you in pvp.

    Knowing your planned secondary class would be useful.
    You should chain knockdowns. A common combo is devastating hammer -> mighty blow (while the target is down) -> Heavy blow

    there are a couple skills that do more effects when the target is on the ground, ie crushing blow.

    Experiment to see what you like :)

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    This is my build so far for an all axe warrior...

    Axe Mastery-12

    Full Wyvern(85 Armor each piece)

    Weapon Sets:
    *F1*-Max Dmg Axe+Max Shield
    F2-Max Dmg Sword+Max Shield
    F3-Max Dmg Hammer
    F4-Fire Wand+Flame Artifact
    (** - What I Use)

    1-Power Attack
    2-Swift Chop
    3-"For Great Justice!"
    4-Penetrating Blow
    5-Executioner's Strike
    6-Axe Twist
    8-Gladiator's Defense

    thats mine and i do good damage

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    woops sry thats an axe build

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