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    OH NOES! time is running out....

    hey guys its me again, sry i havent been posting much but heres why: i have in the past had sortve addiction problems you could say when posting on forums and have since gotten into the habit of distancing myself from them, but mostly its because school is jsut two weeks away for me and ive been playing GW like mad. the thing is i did fairly bad last year when Halo 2 came out because i played that more than i studied or did homework. so, right now im not sure if i will continue to play or if i drop gaming all togethor til christmas when Xbox 360 comes out (i cant deny myself that :P).

    so im here to ask again how things are moving along and other such things. i looked at the player screenshots gallery of the underworld trips you guys went on, thats looked like a good time. so yea, hope to get in soon and do some group stuff before long, maybe this sucking up stuff will work :tongue10: j/k :)

    ~I3ig Al

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    Check your PMs :happy34:
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    wow man thanks a ton for the info, its people like you that make me want to spend all day here and ingame. jsut like this other nice guy, gave me a gold max sword and shield wich i was able to use to pay for my droknars armor. thanx again!

    ~I3ig Al

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    Same here, but i barely passed last year, Ratchet and Clank !!!!, but ive still been playin GW alot, i started school Aug 1, im doing 90average in all classes, so, i figure it will go down, lol

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    well well, there goes my grades again

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    i cant get inot the private forums but im in tha guild

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    PM Fallen, and he'll hook you up.
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    Hmm... I seem to be able to get good grades and play GW at the same time. >_>

    Seriously, that wasn't to put you guys down, though. I know, it's sometimes very hard to study or do homework instead of doing what you want, but you have to force yourself. I mean, I'm firmly convinced that my life is gonna suck if I don't get into college, so I think of that and, well, do my homework. I'm not trying to say that your life is gonna suck, just saying that you might have to balance out your time between GW and school-work. :)


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    I hardly play GW except on the weekends now :( . I dislike this arrangement, but school's important, and i still have enough time for the forums.

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    *Yawns widely*

    I'm Bored.

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