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    Quote Originally Posted by hahnsoo
    Check out my work-in-progress Mesmer Guide in my sig.
    ^^Thank you very much for the list. And that Mesmer Guide is really good! Took me a long time to read it.:p

    Quote Originally Posted by JSSheridan
    In the pull-down menu at the top left, select the armor crafting index. Drok armor is near the bottom.
    ^^Thanks for the tip man! I never noticed it before. And i already got my eyes on the Courtly Armor that armor rocks!:D

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    what drops topaz crests?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Left Shoe
    what drops topaz crests?
    Sand drakes, just outside Elona.

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    you know something that drops them more frequently? ive been farming sand drakes for like half an hour and i have.....one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Left Shoe
    you know something that drops them more frequently? ive been farming sand drakes for like half an hour and i have.....one
    Sand Drakes are the only things that drop Topaz Crests. If you've been farming in the same area for a long time, the drop rate dramatically decreases. Also, be sure to take the Drakes on with a minimum amount of NPCs. As a Ranger, I can solo them quite easily in pairs. Smiters probably have it the easiest, but all the classes can kill pairs of Sand Drakes with only 1 NPC helper.
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    that mightve been my problem , i did the same area over and over again with a full number of npcs when i coudlve easily soloed 2 or 3 at a time haha

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    (John Verado)
    5 topaz crests
    Inscribed staff (req. 9 domination magic)
    Chaos Dmg 11-22
    Improves casting speed for Domination skills 20% chance
    Improves recharge for Domination skills 20% chance

    I got this, it took a while for my warrior ranger to do it, so i admit (ashamedly) that i switched to W/Mo and soled it in about 20 mins for 5.

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    Thought I'd mention that Glint offers one up too and that takes about an hour to finish too, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirSyrath
    With a 20 % wand and a 20/20 focus item you can effectively increase the chance to 36%.

    Sir Syrath
    You mean this would be awesome: Vokur's Cane 20/20 with a collector item 20/20 iluusion.. 40 skill recharge and 40 fast casting :P:P

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    Does a collector's imposing mask have the same stats as one from droks?

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