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Thread: Energy Levels

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    Energy Levels

    Just wondering what everyone's energy levels are, and what additional items are used to achieve the energy level, as I'm curious as to what the max is too.

    My lvl 9 has got 46, achieved with bone lace armour, +6 crim cesta, +12 cane.

    I reckon energy regen would be better, but haven't found any decent items yet (as still around ascalon city areas).

    Obviously this will get tweaked as I progress further and find better items.

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    My is around there and I've been all over the place. You can make it larger but you have to sacrifice energy regen to do it. Just pump your Soul Reaping and that evergy will be plentifull in most cases.

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    I got 60 energy and when I'm a N/E, i get 75 :happy14:

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    I have 73 energy with only pips of regen. To combat the slow regen i have WoP and really high soul reaping.

    I have a 1 handed Truncheon that gives +13 energy, and Grim Cesta Glove that gives +27 Energy and +30 health. Both these items have -1 regen.

    I also use a chest scar pattern that adds another +8 energy.

    Full scar pattern I have 77 with 2 pips, but less armor and less life due to Superior Runes.

    Any really high energy items are gonna give you a negative regen, that just balances out. You have to decide if you want an extra 15 vs. all 4 pips of regen. Personally I think with good soul reaping stats, you can cast until your hearts content. I think only in really long drawn out combat with large level monsters do I have energy troubles, but as soon as I have a corpse, I get 13 energy from that and then hit a WoP, back to full power in no time.
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    I have 59 energy..

    Collector's Tunic, Necrotic Boots, Pagan's Leggings, Arm scar pattern

    The desert collector foci and a crappy truncheon.

    Where'd you find that truncheon, Dayvid?

    And Sadistic, as an N/E, how do you get so much energy? And how many pips of regen do you have?

    I'm an N/E as well, which is why I'm asking.

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    Just 47. I should probably go and get one of those +15, -1 +30H foci to switch to when I get low since the switch back wouldn't be too bad thanks to soul reaping.

    Heh I have the desert tunic as well, funny seeing that because I was standing in the dragon's lair the other day when I noticed a necro walking in a cirlce around me and then asking about where I got the chest armor

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowkissed
    Where'd you find that truncheon, Dayvid?
    I was actually given to me :) by a guild mate. I never though to ask him where he got it.

    Here is the picture.

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    Nice item though only any use for those N/E out there...I have one the same but no Minus energy regen and only +10 energy...

    Though i may wander out and get the Grim cesta from the collector in the Arid sea if i can get the bits together..

    My energy is 41 at the mo and i'm a lvl 20 N/R

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowkissed
    And Sadistic, as an N/E, how do you get so much energy? And how many pips of regen do you have?

    I'm an N/E as well, which is why I'm asking.
    My Legging and Arm scar patterns give me 3 extra. plus the +27 i get from my desert collector's idol - to get the last 15 boost i have an earth wand that gives me 15 energy..

    I get only 2 pips of regen so i rarely use my extra 15 energy. Only when I need extra energy fast, I switch to it. I'm happy with 60 energy and 3 regen pips ;) :surprise:
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    I have full 15K bonlaced set and the desert collector idol that gives +27 -1 regen.

    Since I have 14 in soul reaping so the regen is not a issue as long as people/monsters don't refuse to die. :p

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