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    GWOnline.Net Member asxtc's Avatar

    I thought i had invented another the other day.


    Which would have stood for: Oh my god Ive fallen asleep playing 36 hours of extreem weekend and my forehead is resting on the keyboard

    but alas --it was just my forehead on the keyboard

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemiGod DC
    I think we need to start using

    Loe And Ooe

    To mean low on energy and Out of energy to convay tou our team mates how we're doing since we cant see our groups energy lvls.

    Im sick of trying to type it all out in group to warn ppl while trying to fight.
    Ctrl+Click you energy bar. You can Ctrl+Click just about anything in your HUD to display to team.

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    Guess we're using short forms, and GW Meanings

    Bonder-> Someone who lifebonds people
    Prot-> Protection
    Spammer->In Town, someone who annoys you with repeated posts for trades/guilds/sites---While out of town/PvP, someone who quickly throws down a bunch of related skills (and continues doing it for a long time)
    pwn-> means own, to dominate over an enemy
    Shut Down->Refers to a character who disables casters (Generally Mesmers)

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    GWOnline.Net Member Washusan's Avatar

    I Always thought LMAO = Laughing Manically And Outloud.

    Fubar can also be read as = F$@ked Upped Beyond All Recognition

    Fugly = F$@king Ugly.

    bbiab = Be Back In A Bit (very fast afk)

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    [QUOTE=Nibus]w00t = 'we own other team' (apparently) but much nicer in the same sense as 'woo!'


    I'm not sure this is accurate. I recently did some linguistic research and got into the history of W00t. Actually, there's an awesome article in Wikipedia talking all about W00t. Some salient exerpts:

    The term "w00t" is a slang interjection used to express happiness or excitement, usually over the Internet.

    "w00t" is an exclamation of excitement, which cannot be used sarcastically. Because Internet text-based chat cannot communicate the vocal subtleties of spoken word, such as sarcasm, word choice can be very important to the clarity of a message. "Whoo-hoo", "yay", "hooray", and other words similar to "w00t" could all be used with sarcastic intent ("I have a dentist's appointment today. Yay."), whereas "w00t" would always be interpreted as a genuine expression of excitement ("I have a dentist's appointment today. w00t!").

    "We Owned the Other Team", is a backronym of w00t.

    In other words, it's not the origin of the expression, but a retroactive expansion of a word that was not originall an acronym.

    Apparently it originated from the songs "Whoomp there it is" and "Whoot there it is" which both appeared in 1993 and topped the charts (thankfully for a brief period of time)...



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    GWOnline.Net Member sparckus's Avatar

    For the person who asked for a url to check acronyms -


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    WEG - wide evil grin

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    Quote Originally Posted by mss smwht
    glf - group looking for
    iirc - if i recall correctly
    stfu noob - time to leave ;)

    c/o is current offer, afaik
    When I first started plauing I though GLF = Good luck finding... :happy53: as in "GLF a monk" :happy53: which may ring true to most of u when trying to find one...

    TTYL = talk to you later

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    * duplicate msg deleted * sorry folks - something weird happened with the server.

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    GWOnline.Net Member


    I am depressed that so many people don't know what an acronym is

    Acronym /= abbreviation

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